We used to run and chase each other
Because you called me something bad and I was mad
But you were running too fast and I couldn't grab your arm
It was hard
Yet the funniest part

You used to poke me
And crack some jokes and they could make me burst into a non-stop,big laugh
You knew how to play me well

When you a grown up
You knew how to cook Maggi when you were hungry
And worried about your room's wall
When it was affected by the air-conditioner

You got a new room
It was big and painted with blue colour
You had your own TV
And started to keep yourself busy with your new life

We seldom talked
Everything changed

Then when I've grown up
You notice that I'm on my own
With no sisters and friends around me
Maybe you are worried about me
Then you try your best to talk to me
And comfort me with your words and jokes

But I'm so sorry

I didn't socialize well


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