Run Away


You know
Of course you don't

I was on my way to run away from you
Then suddenly I heard someone was calling my name
When I turned my back
I saw you

It was so hard

I've prayed to Allah
So that this feeling would fade away
But then I knew
I wasn't trying my best to avoid you and this crap

Then here I am
Going crazy about you and those shirts and colours
When it was pink
It was blue
When I tried to be blue
You tried the best of you like your friends
To be men in black

It wasn't a big deal brother

I don't know

There were sometimes you would make me feel like
I was wanted
Man it was bad
It was bad trust me

But you know
I couldn't fight the urge to .

Back then in this kind of life
You are looking so pure

I know
Maybe you are trying your best to change
Be a good man and a good servant of Allah
But then in our reality
Maybe you yourself,too,can't fight the urge to .
Do the opposite thing

It was hard
When all of us were walking along the highest corridor
And then I saw someone
In front of me it was your back and your new hair style
I wasn't so sure
About the truth
I guessed she did look at you
Well . I guessed

I fell too hard
Allah .


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