The Only Reason

This is life
When people are going to hate you when you do something wrong
Even though they aren't in your shoes
Like they know every single thing about you

This is life
When people love you because you comfort them
Because you are trying hard to fulfill their wishes
Even though your life is threatened
By those obstacles and hardship
And you are in the midst of hardship

When someone you love is killing you with their ignorance
Know that Allah is saving you from the wrong ones
When someone you know is disappointing you
Know that Allah lets something happens for a reason

Every could has its own silver lining

And Allah knows it

You are waiting for something that will break you
But you don't know it
And when Allah is saving you from it
You let your wrath controlling your way
You say that Allah doesn't hear your dua
Allah isn't listening to your dua
While Allah does
While Allah listens to you
Since forever

You are tearing apart because someone you love is turning away from you
You say that no one loves you
No one could ever replace his/her love
While Allah is loving you
Better than anyone else
While Allah is giving you chances
When you sin and repent
And do the same thing again and again

You say that you want to be loved
But why are you ignoring the one who loves you the most ?
Even He knows your bad side and all of your wrong doings
He loves you for who you are

When people are busy to judge you based on your look and style
Allah says He doesn't care about your look and wealth
Just take care of your heart and Iman
Try your best to be a good servant of Him

Allah is The Most Loving
And no one can ever fight His true love
Towards all of us


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