Try Hard

There she was
That smile was killing me slowly
Those guys were giving me some sort of killing stares

Then I knew
I wasn't good enough for a lass like her

She was a good looking girl
Had her own style
And didn't care much about others
A genius yet she was down to earth

I just knew
I had to try hard to get her


"Hey I'm Luke,20.."

She smiled

"I'm Selena,17.."

We became friends
But she had other friends
Who were cooler than me

And it seemed like she liked cool thing

So I learned to play guitar
But she was into those drummers

I tried to take her out
But I had no money

It was obvious
She was out of reach

Felt like I was trying extremely hard
To get her


The crowd goes wild
All of the girls are shouting out my name

As I take the main microphone
Wanting to sing a song for them
My eyes catch a slender figure

It is her .

She smiles

"You're 17 back then,weren't you ?"

She giggles

Well,what can I say ?


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