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You know
You aren't perfect
But I used to think that you were a perfection
A typical mind
When I saw you

I didn't know you very well back then
My friend said you were so good
You were about to change
Sorry I didn't notice your potential when I was younger,before
But then the more she told me about you
The more I keened of you

That was a big mistake

I thought you could fit my type
And I knew people are different
But I really thought you were like those other people
Was I wrong ?

A bit .

You are nice
You have the look
And those red lips
And the height
And those broad shoulders
And your own style

And you are weird
And you know how to crack jokes,perfectly
And I guess you have those fan clubs
And you got many followers
And you are . Kind of naughty
But you aren't bad

And now what should I do ?

Don't pick up the pieces of me
Well I know you won't

Allah keeps you away from me

And I'm feeling a heartbreak
And I k…


My friend had a girlfriend
And now he was heart-broken
He would wail at nights
And I was sick of it

What a poor boy
He thought that he had nothing left

I didn't want to bother with his presence
Because even though he was nearby me
I knew it was only his body
And figure
But his soul was nowhere to be found

Maybe it was a big lost for him
That girl was pretty
A kind of perfection
He was crazy
Crazy in love

One day
He told me he didn't want to move on no more
Enough was enough
He wanted to bury himself deep in his own sorrow

Then he felt a pat on his shoulder

"Rayyan..,enough is enough,"
"Open your eyes,"
"You know,there are many other girls who are better than her,
and the most important thing is,you have Allah,Rayyan,you do have Him in your every step..
Don't be a moron,
You are suffering because you think you've lost something that is everything for you,
Hey,bro..look will lose everything if,..YOU LOSE ALLAH..
If you lose her,then …

Blank Space


Even though you won't be sitting behind me anymore
I guess will always turn my back as usual
As your aura will always stand still,in my mind
Like always

Even though the chances for us to have our recess with you,
Are less than anything
I guess we will always be waiting for you to come with us
Like always

Even though I will be apart from you
And there is no dorm nor class for us to sit together
I guess I will always be looking for you
Like always

You are everyone's favourite
Like Madhuri
Yet you know how to take care of your pride and dignity
And those guys won't be having any golden chances to grab you away from your own stand
And you know how to make someone feels special
Just like how you did to me

May Allah bless you and your family,always
May Allah protect and bless our Ukhwah
And may our friendship,
Is because of Allah

We love you



Maybe you are the most pure pearl I've ever known

You are suffering from something
And I don't know what is it
And you don't want me to know either

But I hope you will stay tough
Because Allah is always with us

You are being honest
And not remembering girls' names
Is not a weakness
Instead of crushing you with a bad comment
I'm proud of you mate

Your parents should be proud of you
Having a child whom would come to the Surau
Early in the morning
And faces Allah with fear inshaAllah

And your friends should be proud of you
Keep building up your own strength
And staying away from things that aren't important

And me,myself
I'm so proud of you my friend
Just stay there
As who you are
And don't you ever change
Unless to the better of your own soul and self