Blank Space


Even though you won't be sitting behind me anymore
I guess will always turn my back as usual
As your aura will always stand still,in my mind
Like always

Even though the chances for us to have our recess with you,
Are less than anything
I guess we will always be waiting for you to come with us
Like always

Even though I will be apart from you
And there is no dorm nor class for us to sit together
I guess I will always be looking for you
Like always

You are everyone's favourite
Like Madhuri
Yet you know how to take care of your pride and dignity
And those guys won't be having any golden chances to grab you away from your own stand
And you know how to make someone feels special
Just like how you did to me

May Allah bless you and your family,always
May Allah protect and bless our Ukhwah
And may our friendship,
Is because of Allah

We love you


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