You know
You aren't perfect
But I used to think that you were a perfection
A typical mind
When I saw you

I didn't know you very well back then
My friend said you were so good
You were about to change
Sorry I didn't notice your potential when I was younger,before
But then the more she told me about you
The more I keened of you

That was a big mistake

I thought you could fit my type
And I knew people are different
But I really thought you were like those other people
Was I wrong ?

A bit .

You are nice
You have the look
And those red lips
And the height
And those broad shoulders
And your own style

And you are weird
And you know how to crack jokes,perfectly
And I guess you have those fan clubs
And you got many followers
And you are . Kind of naughty
But you aren't bad

And now what should I do ?

Don't pick up the pieces of me
Well I know you won't

Allah keeps you away from me

And I'm feeling a heartbreak
And I keep blocking you and unblocking you

I should stop now


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