My friend had a girlfriend
And now he was heart-broken
He would wail at nights
And I was sick of it

What a poor boy
He thought that he had nothing left

I didn't want to bother with his presence
Because even though he was nearby me
I knew it was only his body
And figure
But his soul was nowhere to be found

Maybe it was a big lost for him
That girl was pretty
A kind of perfection
He was crazy
Crazy in love

One day
He told me he didn't want to move on no more
Enough was enough
He wanted to bury himself deep in his own sorrow

Then he felt a pat on his shoulder

"Rayyan..,enough is enough,"
"Open your eyes,"
"You know,there are many other girls who are better than her,
and the most important thing is,you have Allah,Rayyan,you do have Him in your every step..
Don't be a moron,
You are suffering because you think you've lost something that is everything for you,
Hey,bro..look will lose everything if,..YOU LOSE ALLAH..
If you lose her,then it's okay,
Maybe there's something Allah wants you to realize
You know,Allah's love is better than any love in this world,
Even better than you mom's love for you,"

"Her love is nothing,compares to Allah's love,"
"Bear this in your mind,"
"Although you've committed lots of sins and wrong-doings,Allah will always be ready to forgive you,if you ask for His forgiveness,if you repent Rayyan,"
"Allah won't look at your face or wealth,Allah will always look into this,"

I pointed at his chest

"Your heart,Rayyan..."
"Your heart..,"

We did go to many Masjid and Surau
And heard many 'ceramah'

And thanks to Allah ,
Rayyan is alive


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