Little Things

I still remember the moment
When we were kids and went to Kuantan Parade
For the first time
And then we got on the top of it
Then we found lots of games in it

We were eager to go there again
And every time our parents brought us there
We would spend hours
Changing those money into gold coins and silver coins
Then went crazy
As crazy as we could
Through the world of games
It was way too fun

I liked to play that picking-prizes game
Even though it was hard and kind of impossible
To win those bears and snacks
Well Alhamdulillah
I managed to get some Mister Potato

Then we would play that Japanese game
Then we got our PS 1
And continued the battle till it became hot
And I was thinking about cooking some sausages  on it
We laughed

You would always be my first choice
And I would always want to hang out with you
When you grew up,
I could see that you're becoming a better man
Asked us to walk in front of you
So you could take a good care of us

And now I'm missing you
How you would react when you saw those clothes and shirts
And those colored jeans and those bags
How you would follow me to go buy comics

Bring back home


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