Short Story

There he was.
With his big and black spectacles .
Tall and tanned skin
I just . Liked him that way .

We used to be classmates
But now,we were apart .
But my like for him
Just kept increasing,day by day

He was .
That kind of flawless that I ever wanted to be

"Hey Qi,how are you ? Your cheeks are all red,"

I couldn't see anyone else when he was with me
Like now

"Hah ? Oh,Nadzrin.,hey..umm..,you know,sports day,hehe,"

I smiled
Trying my best to hide the rapid beat of my heart
He was also smiling

"Well,then..let's have our lunch together ?"

I was . Surprised
He asked me,to go lunch with him ?


Every step that we took
I hoped the time would stop
Please,let this last for forever
But I knew
It was impossible
Way too impossible


"You know,Qi,Nadzrin keeps sending me sweet quotes and words,"

This girl was killing me slowly with her honesty
Yes .
At the end of the day,
Nadzrin liked someone else
And that girl wasn't me

"So,do you like him,?"

She shook her head

"Of course not,yeah.,even though he looks like a perfect guy,but,he just can't,fill my type,"

She was lucky
I just liked Nadzrin extra much
And he liked her extra much
But she couldn't careless .


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