I don't know about other people
But I'm so sorry
I just like to write
Write everything that I want to
And writing is my getaway
To express my true feelings
And my writings aren't that private
It's okay
You can read 'em

That's why I have this blog
Maybe writing is my passion
After reading comics and novels

I don't know about you
But I like to write
And I hate colouring
Because I know I will never be good at it

I don't know about her
But I like to draw my feelings on a paper or a screen

They think I'm an iceberg
Try to break me with their jokes or whatsoever
You can't expect me to reveal my feelings through words or songs
Maybe I won't know how to do it

Open those books and read 'em
Then you'll find me there

I just don't even know,
But this is my style

And maybe I don't want to change


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