That Heart Ache


I know what it feels like
When you are losing someone
Either losing them for eternity
Or for a while
Or at least you can still see them in your true eyes

I've lost someone in my life
Losing him from my grip
I did realize it
But what could I do ?
Make him stay ?
For what ?
For nothing .

He didn't ask for it
And if I asked for it
Everything would turn out to be wrong
It wasn't good for both of us
Yeah we knew

But now I'm all fine

For you le man
I don't know you so well
Well actually we haven't met even once
But I used to read all of your posts in your blog
Since I was young

Bro .
I guess you know that you,yourself,aren't so sure about this
About you and her
With her being far away from here
But you are convincing yourself that everything will be alright
I guess you are being honest with her
About your feelings
And you approach her because you want to take her as your wife
I hope this will be your true intention
Do not worry
When the time comes and Allah says that she's the one for you
InshaAllah both of you will be together,no matter what will happen

It's funny
You don't even know that there is someone else out there
Who writes some posts for you
But it's okay

For you le girl
I,too,don't know you so well
We,too,haven't met even once
I used to read some parts of some of your posts

Babe .
Know that everything will be gone,sooner or later
And all of us will leave this worldly life,and return to Allah
Our Khaliq
If he passes away,know that Allah loves him so much
Loves him better that anyone can love

And Allah loves all of us
And His love is greater than any love in this world 


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