She was a boring lass.
And I hated it so much.
Why couldn’t she go outside and play like others?

And now I knew I just had to do something
To bring colours into her dark space
She had to be someone new


Felt like my eardrums were melting by the vigorous flame of her sound wave.
Was she a monster or what ?

However,I didn’t give up !
I tried my best to pull her to the funair
And made her ride those roller-coasters and those fancy horses
Till she dropped

How did I do it ?

“Dear Dash,I challenge you to come with me to the funfair,and ride those roller coasters and Merry-Go-Round,laugh and scream loudly,..”
“Surely you aren’t a coward,are you ?”

I could see flame in her eyes.
I just knew it,she was the one who wouldn’t refuse any challenges

“Hah,easiest challenge ever !”

She grabbed my arm and hold it tightly as the roller-coaster was going down to earth
And then,


The loudest scream ever !
I would die of laughing out loud !

On that day,
She laughed a lot
Screamed a lot

And I felt something in my heart
It was a sigh of relief,to see her smiling like that
Like she had never done before

I just got her address
And now here I was
Standing right in front of her house
I didn’t know why I was afraid to press the doorbell

Suddenly,the door was wide open
Someone was going outside I should hide

It was a lass
Slender one
Her hair was long,blonde one
It seemed perfect
I was in awe,looking at the most beautiful hair ever !

Who was she?
Was she Dashrin’s mom or sister ?

Then the slender figure passed by me
From her side,I could hear the rapid beat of my heart
Those blue eyes and nose
And those rosy cheeks
And her pink lips
It was,

“Hey Hiroshi,what are you doing here ?!”

I was startled by her words
It was Dashrin

“Erm,,hey Dash..I just want to,you know..drive by ?”

I smiled

She had no make up on her face
And that face was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in this world

She used to wear lots of foundation
And coloured her lips red,purple and peach
Yeah she looked beautiful
But now,even more beautiul without any make ups
I was captivated by her

It was her birthday
And I was planning something awesome for her

A birthday party at her most favourite cafe
Joe’s Cafe
As she didn’t have any friends,I asked for my friends’ help to light up the party
I knew,she was going to smile

“Give me a reason why should I follow you ?”

She crossed her arms
Like a boss
I tried to hide a smile

“Today is going to be the most colourful day for you Dashrin..”

I pulled her hands and made her move
To Joe’s Cafe

I closed her eyes
And hold her hand tight
Didn’t want her to fall
Or ran away


“Happy Birthday,Taylor Dashrin !”

Her eyes were glistening with tears of joy
She looked at me

“Hiroshi Takiya,..I hate you!”

I laughed
She was smiling from ear to ear

“Hate you for being unpredictable,”

She said no one had even thrown a birthday party for her
And she was suprised by those people who were willing to celebrate her birthday

"Thank you,for making me know how to smile,laugh,and making those people come over here just to celebrate this day with me and you,"

I could bring colours into her life
But it seemed like
I had made a huge mistake
I had taken my colours and splashed all of them to her life
And now I was a dull man

‘Cause now
I was looking at her
Smiling sweetly and still,
It was the sweetest smile ever for me
But she had a guy beside her

The best man  will win
And Hiroshi Takiya wasn’t the man

5 Seconds Of Summer - Unpredictable


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