If You Don't Know

At first,everything seemed so fine
She loved me
And I loved her
And there was nothing in front of us
There was nothing,that could block our way

But then everything started to change
She told me she was busy with her assignments
Okay,I would step back and let her work

When it was weekend
I tried to ask her out
Just like what we used to do when we had no classes
But she refused to go with me
She said she needed to take care of her best friend
Yuun was having a fever
Okay,I would step back and let her be

I could simply assume that
Everything was broken right now
And here I was
Standing in front of her house in the rain
Trying to talk to her

"Yes,Luke ?Whaddaya want ?"

She asked me


I couldn't talk properly,as I was freezing to death

"Don't waste my time Luke,I've a lot of work to do just please,"

I forced myself to say those words

"Nayla,what's wrong with us ?"

She was puzzled with my question

"Well,I guess nothing is wrong ?"

Then she shut the door
Leaving me outside

I wasn't feeling well
As the rain was lashing on my weak body last night
Nayla .
She said nothing was wrong
I tried to calm myself down

I saw her in the cafe

"Hey Nayla,"

I was having a runny nose
And I hoped she would be fine

"Luke,don't get too close you're sick !"

Felt like she was stabbing me with her words
Babe,I got this runny nose and lifeless body because of you,Nayla

I smiled

"Back off,Luke.."

"Nayla,I want you to want me this way,this desperate like I want you in my life!"
"I need you to need me to stay in your life!"
"If you say you don't feel a thing,then..."
"If you don't know ,.. how to want me this way,to need me to stay,"

I closed my eyes
Tears rolled down
My heart ached

"Just let me go,Nayla.."

I saw her
Standing with no reactions
This was the end

I could see that Nayla didn't know how to want me,like she used to
Didn't know how to need me to stay,like I needed her to stay
In my whole life

"Nayla,you're just..."

Was a beautiful name

I needed her to let me go
But until now,the one who couldn't let it go was me

-Luke Hemmington

5 Seconds of Summer - If You Don't Know

AHAHAHA macam dah takda nama gantian lain


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