Well hey

Felt like I was drowning in the rain
The sky was dark
And seemed so creepy
But the struck reality was more tougher
I couldn't beat it

I fell on my knees
I had no idea when it stopped

Looking at you just tearing me apart
It is hard for me to walk away
But I just hate you so much
And what can I do to hate you more than to like you ?

You embodied something that was so beautiful back then
But today
It's different
No I'm not saying that you have changed into something hideous or etc
You are way more beautiful than yesterdays
I have no words to explain

I'm quite disappointed
I know I have no right to shape you
But .
It is just . Very disappointing
I'm sodden in tears

Will this sickest feeling be something that is pristine ?
I guess it won't

To run away from this state is something daunting
But I know I just have to face it
It is so foolish of me,to open up to you
Those three years were fine

Were utterly fine without you Zeeq
I was all fine
Until I opened up to you

I'm so sorry for myself


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