Short Story

He looked at me
And I noticed his eyes
My knees were trembling
I could hear my own heart beat
Duhh it was hard for me to hold back this feeling

"You do like him,don't you ?"
"Just admit it,Ruhiel !"

My friends liked to tease me
My cheeks were flushed
Still,my heart was beating rapidly

I saw him there
As I was on my way to the lab
Again,he was looking at me
While talking to his friends

"Hey Ruhiel,he's looking at you !"
"He likes you Ruhiel !"
"Ruhiel,I'm so happy for you!"

I guessed
I didn't have anything to say
As I was drowning in his eyes
And in my own feeling


"Erm,hey Ruhiel,I'm Zeeq,"

He smiled at me
That one charming smile
Was burning this iceberg

I melted


Since then
We became friends

I didn't know why
But he had the magic
He could make me smile all the way home
And I couldn't help myself
I kept thinking of him
Every second in my whole life

I knew
I had fallen so hard for him

I was afraid of losing him

"Ruhiel,what makes you think he is going to leave you ?"

I shook my head
I had no idea
The thought just came into my mind without a warning

"It's okay,Ruhiel,,believe me,he likes you.."

He would always wait for me after those classes
And he told me he would always wait for me,for the rest of his life
I looked into his eyes

Then he laughed

"I'm joking,Ruhiel."

I could only smile
Well I was hoping he would wait for me
For forever

He didn't even tell me once about his own feelings
But his friend did ask my best friend,June,about my feelings

"Ivan asked me,do you like Zeeq ?"
"Then I told him I don't know,then Ivan told me that Zeeq wants to know about your feelings,"
"Towards him,Ruhiel..."

Those words and talks and questions and answers
Were convincing me that Farish Hazeeq did like me too

Then I was convinced
And was so sure

"Ruhiel,do you know Zeeq sent me messages last night,"
"We both had a nice chat,"
"He is a nice guy,"

Was speechless

Why did Zeeq had a chat with her ?
Why didn't he send me messages ?
Like he did to her

Just ,
Why ?

I tried my best to pick up the pieces of my heart
Then I saw him,at the corner
Was looking at me

I tried my best to run away
But still,my heart skipped a beat when I saw him

My friends told me to stay away from him
If I didn't want to be heart-broken
Once again

"You don't have to be like this,Ruhiel,he was just chatting with your friend,and that's it,"
"It's ridiculous if you think that he likes Nawrah,"

I knew
I knew it was ridiculous
But at least I had the feeling and spirit to punch him in his face
And moved on from this sickest feeling ever

Because if I kept chasing his love
Then I would forget the real love of all loves

Allah's love

I didn't want to be bothered by Zeeq no more

"Hey Ruhiel Aidan,Ashton is here !"


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