Short Story

I just liked to tease her
And looked straight into her eyes
They were sodden in tears

She was hurt

"Hey weirdo.."

Then I would laugh at her
Her big and thick black spectacles were tickling my stomach
I just couldn't stand it

As time passed

I didn't know why
But me and her,would never be seperated by time
Wherever I was,I would see her silhouette
And as usual
I would tease her and make her cry

As many years had passed

I didn't get the chance to see her anymore
I didn't know why
But . It was . Kinda . Sad .

Everyone liked her
Atirah,new staff
They said she was pretty
And was close to perfection
However to grab her heart was one daunting goal

I couldn't careless
She meant nothing in my life

Because .
Everyday wasn't a complete day for me
Without missing her
That one nerdy girl
My nerdy girl

Was she trying to get my attention ?

"Ed you are so lucky !"
"She likes you bro !"

I didn't like her
So what ?
Yeah she was beautiful
But Amna's face could soothe my heart like the blowing wind during winter
Like nothing else could do it

I wondered
How was she ?
Where was she ?
Was she still wearing that big and black spectacles ?
Haha thinking about her make me giggle
She was

- Hey Fared,this is me,Amna

My heart skipped a beat

- Amna ? Shamna Atirah ?

- Yes

I screamed in joy
Finally,Amna was coming back to me

Since then,
I would always smile all the way home
Couldn't wait to have a chat with her

- Amna,can I ask you something ?

- Yes of course,what is it ?

It was a spine-tingling moment

- Do you have someone special ?

Please say no
Just please Amna

- Yes I do,why ?

Felt like everything had become pitch-black in a split of second

- Oh..hmm..can I know who is that lucky guy ?

- Haha .. is he lucky ?

- Yeah of course.,

- Then you are the lucky one :)

I couldn't believe my eyes
Those words
Were beating my heart like a drum
Hey world !
Shamna was home !

Then we decided to get marry
Our parents knew about us
Now my whole family was on our way to Amna's castle
I just couldn't wait !

"Assalamualaikum ! Haji Zulkefly's side is here !"

We entered her house
Masha Allah her family was indeed a rich family

We waited for Amna to show up
It was hard for me to catch my breath !

Then,it seemed like a shining star was walking towards our way
I was infatuated with the view


"Atirah ?? "

She smiled at me

"You are...Shamna Atirah ?"

She nodded


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