Short Story

I got it all
I got what I needed

"Who's that girl ?"


"I'm not so sure,maybe it's..June ? Jane?"

Renai kicked me
Auch it hurt

"What's wrong with you ?Girls aren't toys and you should know it !"

I laughed out loud
Well I couldn't careless
Girls were my favourite toys

Until one day
I tried to play with her heart

Renai,my best friend

"Renai,to be honest I like you so much,just please.."

She smirked

"Connor,I know you so well baby.."

I tried to chase her

"Renai,please I'm begging you,"

I grabbed her arm
Forcing her to stop
I looked straight into her blue eyes

Suddenly I felt something strange

"What,Connor ?"

"Trust me,I can take care of you more than he could ever do,"

She said nothing

Since then,everything seemed extremely awkward between the two of us
Renai and me

But I knew I just had to stay calm
And let the game begin

I wanted to know
Was it really hard to take her heart ?

It was way too hard than I had ever expected
Renai's heart was a heart of stone
Seriously ?

She didn't even want to talk to me
Threw away those flowers and gifts
Man they costed me half of my salary !

"Renai!How could you do this to me!I love you with all of my heart!"

I was flabbergasted to see her crying out of the blue

"Connor,could you please stop ?I don't want to trust you!"

I braved myself to come closer to her
Touch her rosy cheeks

Then I felt something strange in my heart

"Trust me..,I won't break your heart,just like what Dane has done to you.,"

It wasn't me
I didn't utter honest words
It was
My soul
It spoke the truth

Renai was trying to search for the truth in my eyes
Then she smiled

"Then,be careful with my hearts,it's fragile .."

Then I got her
My best friend,Renai

She was
One of a kind
She could make my heart beat faster than always

And she could make me fall

I had decided
I wasn't playing a game
Renai wasn't my toy
But she was my girl
By far my favourite

I was tamed by her

I cracked a smile whenever I saw her
She was . Too attractive
I was lovestruck

I was heading towards her favourite cafe
Today was her birthday
I wanted to make a surprise for her !
And gave this ring to her

I saw her
Waiting for me at the same table she used to be sitting

Then someone was passing by me
And walked fast
Towards my Renai

I saw it
Renai was shocked to see him there
Came out of nowhere
He was on his knees
With balloons in his left hand
And a box of
Ring .
In his right hand


"Just don't do this to me,dear Renai,"

He tied those balloons to a chair
And put the ring on the table
Trying to persuade her
To come back home

Renai was crying
He tried to wipe those hurtful tears
My heart ached

"Don't touch my Renai !"

I braved myself to step forward

"Well,Dane..back off,"

Dane looked at me
A perfect smirk on his face

Renai turned around to face me

Suddenly she ran towards me
And fell into my arms

"Connor,let's go..."

It felt right
It felt so right

To have her

Dane was surprised

"Hey Dane,Renai isn't a toy,"
"And girls aren't toys,you should know it,"

I can't believe it
A perfect playboy like me
Has fallen in love with a lass
And I'm no longer a player

Now we've been married

And Renai is my only toy
My favourite toy
Of all toys back then

Suddenly a beautiful girl is standing beside me at the counter

"Hey..Connor,right ?"

I'm puzzled
Who is it,now ?

"I'm Jane,the queen of our school back then,I heard you liked me in those old years,"

She smiles

"And, I like you too,Connor.,"

She tries to reach for my hand

"Oh no!I'm sorry..erm,Jane ? "
"It's an old story,"
"I've been married now,to one and only queen in my heart,"

I see Renai behind her


"She's Renai,"

"Haha but I know you Connor you're a player !Come on,"

"Well sorry,my husband is no longer a player,"

My wife smirks

Renai really knows how to win


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