Short Story

"I hate boys
Hate them all

They seem so violent
Would maul me with their stupid jokes and laughs

I just hate them
So much
Especially this one guy
Named Zeeq .

He thinks he is so damn hot
And whatever I hate him

And all of my juniors are like,
Crazy over him

Chasing him everywhere he goes
Collecting his fallen hair
Trying to shine in front of his shining eyes
Duhhh .

They are weird creatures

And I've heard some of them cry because of him
Well heart-broken maybe
What do they see in him ?
Whar are those interesting things about this Zeeq anyway ?

Poor girls

"Hey Eddy,"

I look straight into his eyes

"Dude don't call me Eddy,I'm Edrina ..,"

He laughs

"You're on duty today,please sweep the floor,"

Yeah man
I have forgotten about it !

"Okay,thanks .."

Without further ado I take the broom and start doing my job
He has left
Lucky me

Sometimes I catch his eyes
Stealing peek at me whenever he turns his back
What is wrong with this guy anyway ?

I don't want to start any fight !

"Hey Eddy,"

Trying my best to control my vehemence
Keep calm,Edrina,just keep calm !

"First you jerk just don't call me Eddy I hate it,"
"Second you annoying little rascal I hate you,"
"Better than anyone else could hate you !"

Kill him with those words
Unfortunately,all I can see on his face
Is a smile
A sweet smile

"You're cute Edrina,"

He giggles
Leaving me with a big question mark in my mind
Is he crazy ?

This guy is out of his mind !
He keeps smiling at me
Every second in my life !
Argh I'm depressed !


I turn around

My best friend Yuun is smiling without any reasonable reasons,
I guess

"Zeeq is looking at you,"

It feels like my soul is burning so well
Admonish me dear friends
If I start grabbing any knives
Please tell me to stay calm arghh !

I walk straight towards him
This Hayrul Razeeqin is driving me crazy !

"Hey you wayward rascal ! Zeeq,stop this !"

He smiles

"Why ? You're falling for me,aren't you ?"

"You're talking nonsense,Zeeq!"
"Cut this crap !!"

"If I don't want to ?"

"Just cut this crap and go away !!!"
"Remember this Razeeqin,I will never ever like you!"
"For the rest of my life!!!!"

The whole school feels it
My wrath is burning everything in it

Zeeq cuts his smile
He is speechless

- Hey Edrina,I'm so sorry,I just want to tease you and that's all

I heave a sigh
He is nuts !

- It's okay I'm fine,sorry too I screamed at you this morning

- :) I deserve it,sweetie

Sweetie ?

Surprisingly,I crack a smile

He looks at me

I look at him too

We are changing smiles and stares

He is good in playing football
Sometimes,I would spend my time
Watching him in the field

And I am starstruck

- Good night sweetie

I smile

I start to like him

And I guess
He likes me too"

And that was the biggest mistake I'd ever done in my life
Falling for a guy named Zeeq

" She talks at me but I'm too lazy to listen to her

It's not like her story is a tedious one
My heart is breaking a little

And in the evening
I cry myself out

Is this a heartbreak ?

I think he likes me
But I'm totally wrong
You shouldn't have fallen for him

At the school I pretend to be fine
He's no longer sent me chats and messages
Well I'm fine
But I do feel pain in my chest
It's beating me like a drum

It is so easy for you to hit me
And even easier for you to leave me
Hey Razeeqin

"What do you want to be when you grow up ?"

He smiles

"An orthopedic,"

I nod
Okay,an orthopedic"

That was why
It was easy for you to make my jaws drop
Broke my bones
And left me dying here

"She tells me about his confession

I smile

Right now I'm smiling
As a friend I should give her some moral support

"Well,don't talk about him I just hate boys,"

Whenever I catch sight of him in those classes
It feels bitter
I'm okay

It's complicated

But sometimes it hurts
When I catch him red-handed
Looking at this one friend
Like the way he used to look at me

Well I hate boys"

- Edrina


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