Short Story

"Do you hear me ? If you want her,then leave her,"

I could barely holding on
It was the most painful decision ever
But if I wanted her in the future,
I just had to leave her today

I saw her tears
But I forced my heart to stand tough

I ignored her
I didn't reply her messages
Didn't pick up her calls
And I knew
These doings were unfathomable

I just wanted her to know my real intention
But then my Ustaz said,if she was meant to be mine,
Then she would be mine

"Najdy,just tell me why?"
"Why you do this to me?You said that you want me,you like me,"
"But now ? What is going on with us ?Are you saying that you want to break up?"
"With me,Najdy ?!"

I nodded
While my chest was bearing a huge load
And I didn't know what was it

It was too,
Hard for me

"But why?You have found someone else ?"
"Who is much better than me?Tell me,Najdy,"
"Just tell me,"

Her big round eyes were glistening with tears
She tried to hold them
But she just couldn't

"I have my own reasons,just..."
"Just,let us go,please Edina,just please.."

Then I stood up
Walked to the front door and then bamm
I left her

For the sake of Allah
I didn't want to have any relationship with Edina
Or other girls

A few months have passed
And the first month was hard for me
To see her every time we bumped into each other
And I saw her tears and rosy cheeks
To know that she was ill because of me

It was
Too depressing

But now Alhamdulillah
Allah's love has cured all of it
I've moved to other place
Far away from Edina

I want to focus on my study
And try my best to be a better muslim

3 years have passed


Now I have my own fixed work
And I can make my parents proud of me
At last !

"Najdy,can you help me to give this cake to our neighbour ?"
"Okay mom,sure I can,"

Ding-dong !

I ring the doorbell
The door is opened

My heart skips a beat

Maisarah Edina ?

"Yes,what can I do for you ?"

She smiles
At me
Like nothing has happened

"Erm,hey assalamualaikum,my family lives next door to yours,and,"
"This is,a chocolate cake,for,you guys,"

Again,she gives me the sweet-lookin' smile
Don't be weak Najdy !

"Waalaikumussalam,okay then,thanks a lot..,"

Then I know
Edina had involved in an accident,4 years ago
And now,she's suffering from amnesia

Doesn't remember me
Nor her feelings towards me

I step away from her
But that doesn't mean I want to erase her from my life
I'm hoping that when I'm a grown up man,got a job,
Can afford my own car
I want to find her back
I want her back

But at least
This is better than seeing Edina with someone else
Is it ?

I don't know

"Najdy,do you know Pak Nahlan's daughter ?"

My brows furrowed
Who is Pak Nahlan ?

"The one who lives next door to us,"

"Oh,that nice guy,yeah,what's wrong?"

"Do you know that he has a daughter?"

My heart beats rapidly

Pak Nahlan's daughter,
Is mom talking about Edina ?

"Umm,yes I do know..,why ?"

"She's a good girl,has her own restaurant in town,the best cook ever in the house,"

"Better than her mom ?"

I smile

"Haha,of course her mom is way better than her,but she has the talent to be a master chef,you know ?"

I still remember
Edina,one lass who really liked to cook

"Najdy,when you marry me,I'll make sure that you won't even have desire to eat at any hotels or stalls or restaurants,"


"Because I'll cook for you,and you're going to love what I have,"


"Huh?Em,yeah mom ?"

"So,do you have a girlfriend?"

I just want to laugh right now
A girlfriend ?
I don't even talk to any girls

"Nahh mom,I'm still single.."

"Hmm.,that's great,"

Great ?

"I want to ask Pak Nahlan,"

"But,it is hard for me Ustaz,to just,forget her,"

"Najdy,for the sake of Allah,you have to try,you have to fight your nafs!"

I wailed in pain at that night 
The next morning,Ustaz noticed my eyes were reddened

"Najdy,did you cry last night ?"

I slowly nodded
Kind of embarrassed 

Ustaz smiled

"Najdy,remember this,if that girl is meant to be yours,she'll be yours,"
"Even though you have broken up with her,or forget her,"
"But if Allah says she isn't the one for you,then,"
"Who are you to fight Him ?"

I felt like I was slapped and punched by his words

If she is the one for me,
Then she will be mine

"Muhammad Ashraf Najdy Bin Ashraf Irwin,aku nikahkan dikau dengan Maisarah Edina Binti Nahlan dengan blablabla..."

I smile broadly
Hold Pak Nahlan's hand tightly

I'm taking Maisarah Edina,to be my wife
For the rest of my life
Not wanting to let her go anymore

I know Edina isn't holding any feelings towards me right now
As she has forgotten me,and our pasts
But that's okay

She says,Pak Nahlan chose me because I have something
Something that he can see
And someday,she will see it too



"Do you remember that,I was your boyfriend back then ?"

"Huh ??What did you just say?"

I smile


If you really want someone to be yours forever,
You don't have to tie them with any relationships today
Or tomorrow morning,
If Allah says she/he is meant for you
Someday somehow
Everything will work out for both of you 

Tapi semua tahu
Susah,bukan ?
Namun .
Inilah penentuan 
Siapa yang mampu memang lawan nafsu
Atau terjelopok,dek kekalahan


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