I don't have to be an angel in disguise
Or anyone in disguise
Don't need to hide yourself
Don't have to be scared to show off your own self

If people hate you for being you
Then let them be
You don't have the power to bring love into their hearts
Just let Allah handle it for you
Tawakkal,all you need to do is tawakkal

If people keep mauling you for being you
Drag your feet and run away
It's not because of your hatred towards them
But their hatred towards you yourself

It's okay

If you are acting as someone else
Then who is the one who will be going to be you,
If it is not you ?

People are different

And you yourself are one of a kind

Just be yourself
For the sake of Allah our Khaliq,
Try our best to be a good servant of Allah

This Ramadhan
Can be a good platform for us to change

Judge yourself

- Reminder for myself


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