When I Was


I used to go to Wan's house
Even though it had no Astro and air-conds
But it had you,Wan

I loved it when the ground was hit by rains
The smell of the lashing rain was good
And the backyard will hold some water
And I would have this kind of feeling of wanting to jump out of the window
And swam like nothing

When it was night
We would sleep in the living room
In front of the TV
And sometimes mosquitoes would have my ears as their shelter
Not a permanent one

And then when it was morning
The sun shone like those stars at night
And you would buy me Nasi Lemak
Or Mee,maybe ?
And then sometimes you would help me to eat it
Thanks Wan

And when I was bored
I just let myself laying in front of the TV
And watched anything that I guessed I didn't want to watch
Well,I had no other choices

When my mom came and asked me to come home
I would hold my tears
And my chest was in pain
I didn't want to go
But I just had to
As I needed to go to school on the next day

May you have the speed recovery
Allah is always with you


Even tho you don't call me Aya hehehehe


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