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Short Story

I looked at her in those teary eyes

"If you can't stand it,then,"
"Walk away,"

I expected her to leave me
But the next morning,
She was still there
Cooking breakfast for me
Like nothing bad had happened last night

I couldn't fathom her
She was so tough,for a woman

I hadn't done nothing,to hurt her
I would always come home late at night
Yelled at her
Used harsh words when I was talking to her
Everything !
I had been the cruelest man to her,but still
She stayed .

I felt nothing
This marriage had meant nothing for me
I didn't know why
But it might be because of child issue
We got none

Every time I saw my friends playing with their kids,
I could feel my heart was aching
And when I came home,and saw her
I let my wrath controlled me
Blaming her for everything


"I just,have been feeling so lonely,"

"And why is it ?"

"Hmm.,you know,I want my own child,"
"Hold 'em when they are born,"
"Seeing them grow in fro…

Short Story

"I can't wait to grow up and be an adult!"

"Yeah me too!"

"I want to see your grown-up face !"

"Hey I want to see yours too!"

"Who will be your husband,eh?Maybe it's Taki?"

"Eh?!Why is it ?!"


+ Hey Sora,I'm Nao,remember me ?

- Nao Mahita ? My long gone classmate ?


So we decided to meet
Now we'd grown up
I just couldn't wait to see Nao !

I'd been here for 24 minutes but still,
Nao didn't show up yet

Where was she .

But I'd noticed something
This one beautiful lady,who sat behind me .
With her son,seemed like she was waiting for someone too,
Could it be ...
Nao ?!

I turned around
And beamed a smile

"Nao?Is that you?"

She looked surprise

"Sora?!Sora!It's you!"

We hugged each other tightly
Oh I missed her so much !

"You didn't notice me right?Haha,"

"Yeah really,you've changed!You even have a child!"

She blushed



I don't know why
But I just like to write about you

You are weird sometimes
And you can turn out to be someone funny

In those old days
You used to make me laugh
And even though when you were talking craps
And your words were like knives,
I didn't feel like I was being stabbed by you
I was . Fine,back then .

In those older days
You used to make me blush
And smiled .
And even though those girls were looking for your attention
Nahh you didn't even give them any chances
Well .
You made me feel I was special
As I got your eyes on ma world

But now,
We both know we have changed
I know
You can't be someone that I used to know no more

But now,
Those words are killing me slowly,
As I think about them
They are bad
For a weak lass like me ya know

I meant nothing
It's just,
It has been years,
Since the last time you had me in your life

- Azusa Koide

Short Story

I knew it It was her My ex-girlfriend
She was kinda complicated It might be because she loved me, With all of her heart and soul
Me ? I . Wasn't so sure of my own feelings back then Ah nah . I loved her too,loved her the way she loved me 
Unfortunately,yeah I was a bad guy Suddenly my feelings started to change I was in a mess,guilt enshrouded my whole life I needed to be honest yes I knew But,
I didn't want her to get hurt Erm . Whatever
I knew it  She loved me hard I could say that every second of her life,she wanted me to be there, By her side
She would always text me Called me without any reasonable reasons And finally,I had reached my own maximum point 
"I have something to say to you,"
I saw her smile
"Yes,what is it ?"
I gave her a smirk She gave me the confusing look
"I want to.. " "Break up with you,"
Those tears were shaking my heart But what else could I do ? Love,wasn't something that could be forced
I heard she couldn…



You have no idea
About how much I need you
In my life

I thank Allah
For every second He gives to me
To spend my time with you

Because Allah brought you in my life

I know
Sometimes sunshine turns to rain
And even the sky changes,
Why not us ?

I might change someday
And you would also change,
But know this
Who you are,in this life,
Will remain the same
Just the way it is





She made me realize something
And I felt like I was useless

If I keep on sailing
And get drowned,in my own thoughts,
Unfortunately you don't care

Deep down in my chest,
I just wanted to grab the knob,
Threw myself to the other side of the house
So that you would notice me

But it is useless
Now and forever

I don't know
Maybe right now is the right time for me
To make you stay in the past
And if you ever show up again,
You would see someone else
Who's not me no more

Not the one
Who has always been wanting you,
To stay

Le Me


Kepekatan warna hitam
Waktu malam yang di tengahnya
Tidak sepekat warna merah
Mengalir hangat keluar dari tempat luka

Hembusan bayu lembut
Menyapa diri
Biasa yang aku buat,
Bergerak dalam masa silam
Kepekatan memori
Heterogen rasa serta warna

Tidak kira siapa,
Tetap kecewa dan terkulai layu
Terlalu mengharap aku tahu,
Tiada guna
Akan tetapi bukan semua begitu
Hei,kau siapa
Mahu keinginan dunia kau dipenuhi oleh semua ?

Pengakhirannya suatu kepastian

Pada Allah hanya boleh berharap sepenuh hati
Dan pasti kau tak akan pernah kecewa

Allah kan ada
Yang kau pergi belok arah lain dah kenapa ?

Aku tahu susah

Tapi yakinlah

Allah itu tempat semua harapan dicurahkan 



Well actually,
I don't want to care
And it seems like I'm fine
I just
Seem like I couldn't careless

I care for it

When was it I didn't notice
The first time I saw it broke,
I didn't know what time was it,
It just .
Popped out of nowhere

You changed
And I knew I didn't have the right
To force you to stay the same
Because seeing you to be different,
Was painful enough

I'd lost one favourite person in the world
And it was too early
I was too young back then
But Alhamdulillah
Allah helped me to stay cool
And pretended that I could understand you

You were a grown up
And out of my league

I miss the old you
Age didn't matter in those old bright days
And you would grab me and make me stay by your side
So that you could tell me everything

I was everything in you

Do you remember,the time when we were walking in a group
And knocking on some doors
Enjoying our Eid ?

We would talk
And laugh
And play with the other cousins
And go to the marke…



Aku masih di kampung
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Aku minta maaf ya

Cuma macam yang aku cakapkan
Aku ingin meluah

Lama aku mahu dengar perkhabaran terbaru kau
Dan Alhamdulillah,semalam aku dapat
Mencapai kau dengan getaran hebat
Masih sama.
Aku masih berdebar

Serasa ingin berteriak dengan mata yang berair
Aku tak pernah sangka kau akan balas
Sungguh tidak menyangka
Kerna apa,
Aku rasa kau sudah buang aku
Jauh dari hidup seorang kau,
Ya Fal ?

Rupanya kau masih sama
Berlawak tanpa sempadan
Kadang apa yang kau kata menyentap tangkai hati aku
Aku tahu,aku tak patut

Ya Allah

Cuma semalam dan hari ini
Kau agak berbeza sebenarnya
Gayanya seperti kau resah
Resahkan apa

Entah aku pun pening
Tak guna

Namun rasa ini datang kembali

Pada masa yang akan datang
Kita akan jumpa orang yang baru
Dan tersangkut secara serius

Atau mungkin tak sempat
Waktu akhir kita hanya Allah yang tahu

Short Story

"I...I like you,Rei,"

I stood up
She was a short girl
While I was the tallest guy in this school

A tall guy like me,should date a girl who was,
Taller than this one
I smirked

"You're too ugly for a guy like me,"
"Even my cats wouldn't like you,"

"Rei,that's too much !"

Haruki tried to stop me

I saw her tears

It was the school annual festival
And I got the chance to bring along my brand new DSLR
Then I saw her

"Hey,Sakura,you look pretty,as always,"

She blushed

"Mind if I take a picture of you ?"

"Erm,can I ask my friend to join me?It will be awkward if it's only me,"

I smiled

"Of course you can,as long as I can have a picture of you,"

Then I saw her trying her best to ask this one friend to join her
Wait,I guessed I had seen her before,

"Ichigo,come on !"

Oh no! Not this one !
She didn't have the look !
She was..
She looked terrible !

"Ughhh..,go away Ichigo!"

Short Story

I was a perfect casanova back then
Then I fell in love with a girl,she's my wife now
Weird, huh ?
A playboy could fall in love and get married
But,never mind
This one perfect girl was a great house wife ever

I was so glad to have her
And now
It had been 12 years,since the last time we were strangers


I knew
There were girls who wanted my attention badly nowadays
Even though I was 36 years old now
Well,I still got the look

And I knew,
She was jealous
She would always be,as I was her husband,wasn't I ?

And sometimes,it was hard for her to believe in me

"Just tell me who is she.."

"Look,she's nobody..honey,"

"Don't call me,honey !"

It was stressful

She didn't have the confidence !
The confidence of being my wife !
She could easily trust those,horrible girls
Telling her that I had secret affairs with them
Wait,whatt ?

"If you don't love me anymore,.tsk..tsk,"

I sighed
Women were complicated


Well Hey


It has been a long time
Since the last time I heard about you

So,how are you now ?
Are you doing fine with your life ?
I hope you are

You know,
Sometimes I want to reach you
And at some other points,I want you to know
You're still here,in me
I don't want to erase those tracks and footsteps
Just let them stay there,so that in the future,
I won't forget
That you had been there,in my life
That you were someone back then,in my life

It is sad though,
To realize the truth,that I'm no longer somebody
In your life
Well,I know it's not important
But at least,I'm your friend

You were the one who told me that I was your friend
I could tell you whatever I wanted to tell
Who was the person that I liked,said it straight at your fake face

There are some other time
Where I would sit down,and play back those memories



Kau tahu
Sudah lama aku tidak membelitkan ayat

Aku suka menulis
Untuk memuntahkan perasaan aku sendiri
Lebih baik daripada meluah,mungkin ?
Kerana aku agak malas untuk bercakap panjang
Apabila gelodak perasaan menghentam seluruh jiwa aku,
Apa yang aku mahu pada saat panik itu,
Hanyalah ; meluah
Dan jika episodnya terlampau panjang ; malas
Aku cuma ingin orang tahu apa yang terjadi dan apa yang aku rasa
Pada saat itu juga
Hehe jadi apa yang aku buat menulis mencorak apa yang terbuku,
Dalam kelam kelibut,
Dengan rasa yang berbaur,kemudian jadilah karya yang . .
Sukar untuk difahami wahahaha

Tapi sebenarnya,
Bercerita pun agak seronok
Penuh dengan rasa serta ekspresi huhu

Aku ingin pulang ke sana,
Petang ini
Tapi semuanya dengan izin Allah

Back Then


I still remember
When I was young
And I didn't go to school because I was sick
I would stay at home
Conquering the television
Slept like I hadn't been sleeping for years
And sometimes donning scarfs and shawls
Yeah I could only do it when there were no people at the house

Sometimes I thought it would be fun
But actually,those days were mundane days
I could die of tedium
Plus I had no friends to chat with,as all of them were at school,
Improving their mental while I did nothing useful at home

And now here it goes again
I do the same old thing
But there are some chores that could bright up my day,maybe ?

However,Alhamdulillah for everything

Well ya know


I'm trying my best to get rid of you
But sometimes you just come in
Without a single warning
Like the blowing wind and dust
My other half just likes it
And the other half hates it

You have given me lots to remember
Even though the time is short
But you were talkative,you know

And you have given me some to cry my eyes out
I know it's not your fault

But I guess it's hard for us to find the good in goodbyes
'Cause I don't own yah
I don't own it

And everytime I want you to come back
However I know it is way too inappropriate
And wrong

And last night you came,
I didn't have the rapid beats of heart
But . I was feeling kind of glad

Thanks for being a nice friend of mine
I really appreciate those kind words and meaningful pictures
And you're also lookin good in everything
Just be nice

Short Story

"Let's break up,Hinata,"

My eyes almost protruded from their sockets
I heard the sound of my own heart breaking
Was this the end of everything ?

"But,..but..Ren,what did I do wrong ?"

Tears gushed from my cheeks

My love story would never be ended in a proper way
Would never

Had I got no fortune in making love,hadn't I ?


"Stop crying,will you ?!"

"But Ryo it is painful ! I love him so much !"

I could hear him heaving a heavy sigh

"You should forget him,Hinata..he's not good enough for you,dear baby,"

"Don't call me baby you fool!"

He smiled at me
And patted my head

"Okay,I'll help you.."

At last,it seemed like there's a shining star at the end of this tunnel of my life
Ryo was indeed a nice guy !

"Thanks Ryo !"

I hugged him tight

"Don't hug me you fool!"
"People will misunderstand us!"

Ryo was my best friend
Since we were babies

We grew up together
But in a…


You ask Allah to forgive you As you've committed lots of sins Yet you do the same thing all over again in those next days
We are humans  Sometimes we sin without we realize However sometimes we do realize it, But we couldn't careless 
Some people commit sins and they don't even know  Their doings lead them to sins  They are what we call 'jahil' Committing sins in kejahilan And some people like to judge 'em
However the people who very like to judge They should open their eyes and hearts And know this one ugly truth ; They commit sins when they do realize, That they are committing sins So which one is worse ?
Judging isn't easy  And it's not our job Well you aren't some kind of Judisiari or what 
The One who deserves to make any judgement is Allah Our Khaliq
He knows whatever we do He knows what is it inside our hearts  People who seem like they are living a life that leads them to Hell Fire (Naudzubillah) InshaAllah will change someda…

Short Story

"Can we go lunch,together ?"
"Just,the two of us ?"

I looked at her
And smiled

I could smell her sweet scent
But I hated it
She was pretty,but for me .
She couldn't attract my attention

"I'm sorry,I'm used to eat alone,all by myself,"

I saw her disappointed face
But you knew,love wasn't something that could be forced

Yes,I was a well-known blogger
Girls were going crazy over me
As I got the look,and the style
I got it all,maybe .

My friends said I could choose any girls that I wanted
I could get any pretty girls that I liked

I sat down on a wooden chair
Holding a cup of tea
While looking straight at her

Still,she sat at the same corner table
In the same cafe
While humming to her same favourite song
5SOS - Beside You

Well I kinda hated those boys in that band
But when I got to know her,
I forced myself to like 'em
They weren't bad .

I cracked a smile

She was enjoying her lunch
All alone

And I was staring at …

Short Story

I didn't know what to do
But all I knew was,
It hurt to see her crying herself out
Made me want to take her heart and heal it
All by myself
But I just couldn't
I had no special power

"It's going to be okay,"
"He doesn't mean it,"
"He likes you,never wants to break up,"
"Stop crying,"

That stupid guy didn't know how to cherish her
Like the way I knew

"Riyad,thanks for being here with me,"

After crying for almost one hour,
Finally I could see her smile

"It's okay Naurah,this is what friends are for,"

Tried my best to put that gift in her locker
Without she realized it

I ran away as fast as I could

"Riyad,Haris has given me a bar of Cadbury!He exactly knows how to win my heart!"
"He knows how to coax me well,"

She was drowned in her own world
World of fantasy
And I was so sure there would be her,
With some bubbles in the air
And Haris
And that's all

There wouldn't be …

Back Then


She was full of spirit
Telling her friends the story of her life
What had happened on that morning

With her loud voice
And her moving hands
Sitting on her friend's chair

Like a story teller
Her friends laughed

I remembered

You put down your pens and pencils
Your work was paused
You leaned on your chair

And listened to her
Like nothing could ever distract you
From the voice

I remembered
All too well