You ask Allah to forgive you
As you've committed lots of sins
Yet you do the same thing all over again in those next days

We are humans 
Sometimes we sin without we realize
However sometimes we do realize it,
But we couldn't careless 

Some people commit sins and they don't even know 
Their doings lead them to sins 
They are what we call 'jahil'
Committing sins in kejahilan
And some people like to judge 'em

However the people who very like to judge
They should open their eyes and hearts
And know this one ugly truth ;
They commit sins when they do realize,
That they are committing sins
So which one is worse ?

Judging isn't easy 
And it's not our job
Well you aren't some kind of Judisiari or what 

The One who deserves to make any judgement is Allah
Our Khaliq

He knows whatever we do
He knows what is it inside our hearts 
People who seem like they are living a life that leads them to Hell Fire (Naudzubillah)
InshaAllah will change someday 
They even can be better than us
Way too better than us 


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