I don't know why
But I just like to write about you

You are weird sometimes
And you can turn out to be someone funny

In those old days
You used to make me laugh
And even though when you were talking craps
And your words were like knives,
I didn't feel like I was being stabbed by you
I was . Fine,back then .

In those older days
You used to make me blush
And smiled .
And even though those girls were looking for your attention
Nahh you didn't even give them any chances
Well .
You made me feel I was special
As I got your eyes on ma world

But now,
We both know we have changed
I know
You can't be someone that I used to know no more

But now,
Those words are killing me slowly,
As I think about them
They are bad
For a weak lass like me ya know

I meant nothing
It's just,
It has been years,
Since the last time you had me in your life

- Azusa Koide


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