Well actually,
I don't want to care
And it seems like I'm fine
I just
Seem like I couldn't careless

I care for it

When was it I didn't notice
The first time I saw it broke,
I didn't know what time was it,
It just .
Popped out of nowhere

You changed
And I knew I didn't have the right
To force you to stay the same
Because seeing you to be different,
Was painful enough

I'd lost one favourite person in the world
And it was too early
I was too young back then
But Alhamdulillah
Allah helped me to stay cool
And pretended that I could understand you

You were a grown up
And out of my league

I miss the old you
Age didn't matter in those old bright days
And you would grab me and make me stay by your side
So that you could tell me everything

I was everything in you

Do you remember,the time when we were walking in a group
And knocking on some doors
Enjoying our Eid ?

We would talk
And laugh
And play with the other cousins
And go to the market

Kak Cik,
If only you could see me now


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