Short Story

I didn't know what to do
But all I knew was,
It hurt to see her crying herself out
Made me want to take her heart and heal it
All by myself
But I just couldn't
I had no special power

"It's going to be okay,"
"He doesn't mean it,"
"He likes you,never wants to break up,"
"Stop crying,"

That stupid guy didn't know how to cherish her
Like the way I knew

"Riyad,thanks for being here with me,"

After crying for almost one hour,
Finally I could see her smile

"It's okay Naurah,this is what friends are for,"

Tried my best to put that gift in her locker
Without she realized it

I ran away as fast as I could

"Riyad,Haris has given me a bar of Cadbury!He exactly knows how to win my heart!"
"He knows how to coax me well,"

She was drowned in her own world
World of fantasy
And I was so sure there would be her,
With some bubbles in the air
And Haris
And that's all

There wouldn't be me in her world
Never,even for a second

Haris had no idea about that Cadbury in her locker
Because the one who gave it to her was me
But I put a card on it,the name 'Haris' was written on it

I knew that I could never have a place in her heart
And I knew Haris could never make her happy

Right now
I was trying my best
To keep the sweet smile on her pretty face

Tried my best to put a bouquet of roses on the floor,
Of her front door
Then I ran away as fast as I could

Hiding behind the gate,
Then the door was opened

It was Naurah

She was surprised to receive it
I saw her lips
Saying 'Haris,I love you"

My heart ached
For knowing the truth
That Haris actually didn't care about her

I saw them
In the same old cafe

Naurah was smiling broadly
And Haris was busy with his cup of cappuccino
I bet he didn't even want to listen to her stories

I wished Naurah could see it
That Haris didn't love her
It was a waste of time,
Hoping on him
A guy who couldn't careless

I just wished Naurah could see me

I smiled
My heart was bleeding
Gore was on it

Finally,they were married

I knew Haris didn't love her
But maybe for him,
It was nice to have a pretty wife like her
A smart wife like her
And she was one of a kind

She was the apple of everyone's eyes

I . Just loved her so much
And for that,
I needed to pay high
I needed to let her go
Needed to keep it all to myself

Naurah never knew this
Never knew that her one and only best friend
Was freaking in love with her
Since forever

She cried
I heaved a heavy sigh

You were so pure

"He,.,he told me..that.."
"He has..has never...,"
"Loved me..."

She burst into red tears
It . Was painful for both of us

Painful for me
To know that I had sommer let her go
To a wrong guy
Even I had known it at first
But I was willing to let her go

Painful for her
Her husband was seeing someone else
And told her that she was only his paper doll

I just had to make her realize
The struck reality

"Naurah,I have known it since you guys have started ,"
"I know Haris doesn't.."
'Doesn't know how to love you !"

She cried even louder

"I love you,Naurah ! I do love you !"
"I just love you and I don't know why,"
"You know..,

I let this sickest feelings flow in my blood since the first time I met you
But you never know this,Naurah
It is too painful for me Naurah.."
"To see you cry because of him!!"
"You just have to let him go!He never knows how to love you!"
"Even you give him a thousand years to learn,"

I fell on my knees
Tears was rolling down my cheeks

"I was the one who gave the Cadbury to you,"
"Those flowers and necklaces,"
"And I wrote Haris' name on those cards,"
"So that you would be happy,"
"Because I knew it,that you loved him so much back then,"
"Until today..."

She had stopped crying
Was tired,maybe

"Now Naurah,let me be the one,"
"For you,"

She looked at me
With a smile on her face

"Riyad,thanks for everything,"
"But you know,I would never believe in you,"

A knife was mauling me so hard I couldn't breathe

"I know Haris and I will be just fine !"
"And he loves me,the way I love him.,"
"I'm his wife,it's wrong for you to have feelings for me,Riyad,"
"And I'm sorry,I shouldn't have asked you to come her,"
"Everything is wrong.,"

She stood up
Took her handbag
And walked away

I saw Haris
Came to her and hugged her tightly
As if he never wanted to let her slip away from him
Again it was a lie

I was never good enough for Naurah,wasn't I ?


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