Short Story

"I...I like you,Rei,"

I stood up
She was a short girl
While I was the tallest guy in this school

A tall guy like me,should date a girl who was,
Taller than this one
I smirked

"You're too ugly for a guy like me,"
"Even my cats wouldn't like you,"

"Rei,that's too much !"

Haruki tried to stop me

I saw her tears

It was the school annual festival
And I got the chance to bring along my brand new DSLR
Then I saw her

"Hey,Sakura,you look pretty,as always,"

She blushed

"Mind if I take a picture of you ?"

"Erm,can I ask my friend to join me?It will be awkward if it's only me,"

I smiled

"Of course you can,as long as I can have a picture of you,"

Then I saw her trying her best to ask this one friend to join her
Wait,I guessed I had seen her before,

"Ichigo,come on !"

Oh no! Not this one !
She didn't have the look !
She was..
She looked terrible !

"Ughhh..,go away Ichigo!"

She heard me

"Sakura,this ugly girl is your friend ?!"
"Oh no this is wrong !"

Sakura was surprised
But Ichigo,I saw flames in her eyes

"You,jerk !Do you think you are good enough,Rei?!"

"Of course I am!!"

We looked straight into each other's eyes

Since then,we would always pick up fights
Everywhere and every time we bumped into each other
I just couldn't stand it !
She was my number one foe !


I didn't know that I was in the same class as her
And I bet she didn't realize the struck truth too
And today,I,Shinrei Takeda,was destined
To be Ichigo's partner,for our Maths project

What a bad day for me !

"Know this Rei,.."

"What ?!"

"I never want this nightmare haunts me,"

"Oh yeah ? So do I !"

"I hate you !"

"Well I hate you too!!!"

I would always have to go to her house
Every evening in order to finish this project !
The bad thing was,being Ichigo's partner
I just hated her so much I couldn't even bear it !

"Hey Rei,I got a drink for you,today's hot,isn't it ?"

She sat beside me,giving me a glass of Ribena
Yeah man Ribena was my favourite !
I drank it as if I had never had drinks before
Hmphh quenching thirst with Ribena,was awesome !

Suddenly,I heard Ichigo's giggle
Whaaatt ?

"I know it,Ribena has been your favourite since we were in primary school,"
"Right ?"

For the first time in forever,I could her smile
Wah,I never knew she could smile
Like an angel in disguise . .

I guessed,being Ichigo's partner wasn't that bad

We started to laugh and tell stories
She was a funny girl
She knew how to make me laugh
I could barely holding on,burst into tears while laughing
She had the skills to joke so well

And,without a know
I had been waiting for the evening to come
I .
Was looking forward to meet Ichigo,and heard her stories and jokes

We didn't talk in the class
I had tried to reach for her,once
But . She was acting like I was,nobody
Yeah .
I was her enemy,wasn't I?
But.. argh never mind !

"Hey Ichigo,I'm bored,let's go to the park ?"

She looked at me
Suddenly I felt afraid
Afraid of her,saying no to me

"Hm,good idea !"

I saw the sun was shining bright
Leading my way,to her
I didn't know why,but
This Ichigo,was so attractive

Now I did notice it
She had the most beautiful smile ever,when she smiled
And she wasn't like those other girls
Trying to be someone in front of a hot guy like me
She was .
Being all Ichigo Kudesai herself

"Hey,Rei,want to eat my bento,with me ?"

I couldn't see someone else when I started to notice her presence

"Ah,oh sorry,I..I need to.."

Wait,where was she going to ?


I ran to her
She was puzzled

Pant . Pant

"So.,do you want to eat bento with me?I prepare it all by myself,"
"For you,Ichigo,"

She burst into laugh

"Haha!You,jerk!You're funny Rei,"
"Of course I won't eat with you!"
"What,did you put some poison in it ?"
"Do you want me to vanish from your sight that bad ?Haha,"

No,no Ichigo
You got me wrong

"Hey,what's going on here,Ichigo ?"

It was Haruki,now he was looking at me

"Rei,stop picking up fight with Ichigo,"
"Don't you dare to stop her from having recess,"

Huh ? Wait,what ?!
I didn't mean to..

"Hey Ichigo,I made this bento for you,"

"Really?!Oh thanks Haruki I'm touched !"

Whattttt,was that ?!

"I cook this for you,"
"Sorry,for misunderstanding you in the school before,"
"Well,if you don't mind,I want to eat your bento,tomorrow ?"

She smiled at me
Knew how to soothe me well

"Well,of course I won't mind,babe !"

"Hey,call me bro not babe !"

"Haha,okay bro,"

We laughed
Ichigo did really make my day
Like always

I was sure of it
I liked her
I liked Ichigo

And this evening,I would confess to her
It might be easy for me to be replied back with the same feeling,
As .. Ichigo liked me too,didn't she ?

"Hey Rei,you're acting weird today,"
"What's wrong ?"

I tried to act natural
But my heart was beating fast

"Erm,uhmm.,I need to.."
"Tell you something,have time for it ?"

Her brows furrowed

"Hmm.,okay sure,"

Come on Rei !
You could do this !
Out of sudden,

"Ichigo!Haruki is here!"

It was her mom

I looked at her
She was smiling,widely

"Okay mom!"
"Oh Rei,can you please tell me later ?"
"I need to get to Haruki now,bye !"

Was she going to leave me,just like that ?

I followed her downstairs

She was talking to him
I had never seen her like this before
She looked,happy
No,not like usual
It was . Another special side of her

And Haruki,
He was listening to her every word attentively
He didn't even notice me

They .
They didn't notice my presence

"Well,that's my girl!You go,Ichigo!"

"Haha!Yeah I told them Haruki's girl is going to beat them in every exam !"

"I'm so proud of you!"

Her cheeks were flushed

Wait,what ?
My girl ?
Haruki's girl ?

"They are a perfect couple,aren't they ?Haruki has been treating her so well,"
"Since 5 years ago,"

It was Aunt Morie,Ichigo's mom

I was a moron
For rejecting her,
5 years ago


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