Short Story

I knew it
It was her
My ex-girlfriend

She was kinda complicated
It might be because she loved me,
With all of her heart and soul

Me ?
I . Wasn't so sure of my own feelings back then
Ah nah .
I loved her too,loved her the way she loved me 

Unfortunately,yeah I was a bad guy
Suddenly my feelings started to change
I was in a mess,guilt enshrouded my whole life
I needed to be honest yes I knew

I didn't want her to get hurt
Erm . Whatever

I knew it 
She loved me hard
I could say that every second of her life,she wanted me to be there,
By her side

She would always text me
Called me without any reasonable reasons
And finally,I had reached my own maximum point 

"I have something to say to you,"

I saw her smile

"Yes,what is it ?"

I gave her a smirk
She gave me the confusing look

"I want to.. "
"Break up with you,"

Those tears were shaking my heart
But what else could I do ?
Love,wasn't something that could be forced

I heard she couldn't move on
She couldn't get over me
Sorry but I could leave her in just two days
Left her and those memories
I . Couldn't make it to the end with her

Few years had passed
Now we lived in two different cities
Well sometimes I did think about her 
But I didn't miss her
And I guessed she would have been missing me like forever 

And today,
I could say that destiny,had brought me here
To her

After 2 years we hadn't met 
And now,I was looking at her

She didn't notice me
But I was so sure
That she would be surprised,to see me,again
And I was so sure,I saw the same guy in her eyes

And the guy was me

I approached her
With hands in my pockets

"I love the way when you walk with your hands in those pockets,"

With a charming smile on my face

"I like to see your charming smile,everyday and every second of my life,"

And coincidentally I was wearing a blue tee

"I like the colour blue,because you're wearing blue today,"

And I got the same hair-style

"Your hair-style,is taking my breath away,"

I remembered
Every single thing about me that she loved
And today,she would fall for me
Once again

"Well,hey Alice,remember me ?"

She turned her head to take a look at me
Then she smiled
The same old sweet smile

"Yes,you're ..erm.,Louis?Larrie?"

Was she pretending not to remember my name ?

"I'm Luke,the same Luke Harry,"

"Oh haha okay,I'm sorry,hard for me to memorize names,"

I smiled
Expecting her to ask me to try with her once again
But she was also smiling
And we got no topics

"Hey honey,I'm sorry I'm late,"

A guy approached her out of sudden

"Oh,it's okay James,"
"This is my old friend,Luke.."

The James guy greeted me with a smile
While placing his hand on my girl's waist
Who was this guy ?

I felt the flames of my own burning heart

"And Luke,this is James,"
"My husband,"

Was she paying back,for what I had done to her ?

But Alice,
You said that you loved me
Why were you walkin away ?

"Fine!If breaking up is what you want,Luke.,"
"I'll walk away..,"


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