Short Story

"I can't wait to grow up and be an adult!"

"Yeah me too!"

"I want to see your grown-up face !"

"Hey I want to see yours too!"

"Who will be your husband,eh?Maybe it's Taki?"

"Eh?!Why is it ?!"


+ Hey Sora,I'm Nao,remember me ?

- Nao Mahita ? My long gone classmate ?


So we decided to meet
Now we'd grown up
I just couldn't wait to see Nao !

I'd been here for 24 minutes but still,
Nao didn't show up yet

Where was she .

But I'd noticed something
This one beautiful lady,who sat behind me .
With her son,seemed like she was waiting for someone too,
Could it be ...
Nao ?!

I turned around
And beamed a smile

"Nao?Is that you?"

She looked surprise

"Sora?!Sora!It's you!"

We hugged each other tightly
Oh I missed her so much !

"You didn't notice me right?Haha,"

"Yeah really,you've changed!You even have a child!"

She blushed

"I still remember the time when we talked about our future,"
"I said that I wanted to see your grown-up face,"

"Yeah!And I said I wanted to take a look at yours too!Haha!"

This small reunion was full of surprises

"Eh?Is that Taki?"

Nao nodded with a smile

"You mean?!Oh man he's your husband?'

Again she blushed
Haha I couldn't believe it !
This sweet couple in my old days was married now !

"Hey Sora,long time no see yah,"

"Yeah Taki!I don't even know you guys are married now,"

"You were in London back then,remember ?"
"We did send you an invitation card,"

"Oh yeah haha!I don't even remember!"

Our small reunion went well
Then it was joined by the other ex-classmates

It's good to catch up with them again
They were my best friends !

"Oh,hey Sora,erm..remember me ?"

I tried to take a closer look of him
But,I didn't know why I couldn't recognize him

"Erm,hehe,sorry,I can't remember you.."

"Sora he was your crush back then !!"

Nao yelled

What ?!
My crush ?!
Was he ....

"Yeah.,erm...I'm Ryo,"

Yeah .
He had changed a lot
He even looked more handsome,than before

My heart started to beat rapidly again
Like in those old days when I saw him.

"So.,what month is it ?Now ?"

Huh ??
What kind of question was that ?

"Erm,May ?"

He smiled

"May I be with you,for the rest of my life ?"

#ReunionPickUpLine hahahahahahahaahaha


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