Short Story

I looked at her in those teary eyes

"If you can't stand it,then,"
"Walk away,"

I expected her to leave me
But the next morning,
She was still there
Cooking breakfast for me
Like nothing bad had happened last night

I couldn't fathom her
She was so tough,for a woman

I hadn't done nothing,to hurt her
I would always come home late at night
Yelled at her
Used harsh words when I was talking to her
Everything !
I had been the cruelest man to her,but still
She stayed .

I felt nothing
This marriage had meant nothing for me
I didn't know why
But it might be because of child issue
We got none

Every time I saw my friends playing with their kids,
I could feel my heart was aching
And when I came home,and saw her
I let my wrath controlled me
Blaming her for everything


"I just,have been feeling so lonely,"

"And why is it ?"

"Hmm.,you know,I want my own child,"
"Hold 'em when they are born,"
"Seeing them grow in front of my own eyes,"
"But I couldn't,you know.."
"I just,couldn't.."

Cried in front of my best friend

"And you blame your wife,for this ?"

He sighed

I didn't want to talk about her

"Look Rayqal,"
"Raisha has nothing to do with it,"
"You guys know it,"
"Maybe today isn't a perfect time for you guys to have one,"
"Allah knows everything,just wait,"
"Pray to Him,He listens,"

I kept my mouth shut
Yeah .
Raisha didn't do anything
Raisha ., was all fine

"Cherish her,while she's still there,"
"Holding her tears,to stay with you,"

I . Couldn't stop myself from thinking about Raisha

Somehow,I felt guilty
So I came home early today

"Raisha ? Raisha ?"
"Where are you,Raisha ?"

I couldn't find her

Then I heard someone's talking in the backyard

It was Raisha
And our neighbour
Raden !

Raden had been seeking for my wife's attention
Since the first time we met
I didn't know why he was so brave,even though he knew
Raisha had me in her life !

I walked towards them
My heart was burning, as Raisha looked so busy
Talking to him
And that was why she couldn't hear me just now !

"Raisha Hannah!What are you doing ?!"
"And Raden!Don't you know that she's my wife ?!"
"Find another woman ! Not someone else's wife !"

Raden looked at me with a red face
While Raisha was looking scared

"Listen to me,you don't get it right!"

"What's wrong and what's right ?"
"Rayqal is wrong and Raden is right?!Huh!"

I tried to grab Raisha's arm
But before I managed Raden had pushed me aside

"You Rayqal!You have failed as a husband to this perfect woman!"

"Ohh so you're saying you've succeeded to be a stealer?!"
"A stealer of my wife!"


He punched me in the face and I fell down
Raisha rushed towards me and helped me to get up

"Swindler!Don't touch me!"

But I pushed her away
Maybe the force was too strong,she fell down on the marmar floor


Raden screamed out loud

"You fool!"
"Don't you know she's pregnant?!"
"And I was the one who send her to the clinic when she fainted this morning!"
"She fainted,in the laundry store near my house!!!"

My body became numb
I . Was speechless
Raden helped her to get up

I saw her pallid face
Guilt enshrouded me

"I'm so sorry,"
"For hurting you,and not cherishing you as my wife,"
"My perfect wife,"
"Surely,you got no flaws sweetheart,"

Raisha smiled

She stroke my hair

I opened my eyes
It was only a dream
But I could feel her hand on my head

I looked at the empty bed
I had forgotten
It had been 3 years
She had left me with our son
I got what I wanted,
But I had lost something precious


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