Short Story

"Can we go lunch,together ?"
"Just,the two of us ?"

I looked at her
And smiled

I could smell her sweet scent
But I hated it
She was pretty,but for me .
She couldn't attract my attention

"I'm sorry,I'm used to eat alone,all by myself,"

I saw her disappointed face
But you knew,love wasn't something that could be forced

Yes,I was a well-known blogger
Girls were going crazy over me
As I got the look,and the style
I got it all,maybe .

My friends said I could choose any girls that I wanted
I could get any pretty girls that I liked

I sat down on a wooden chair
Holding a cup of tea
While looking straight at her

Still,she sat at the same corner table
In the same cafe
While humming to her same favourite song
5SOS - Beside You

Well I kinda hated those boys in that band
But when I got to know her,
I forced myself to like 'em
They weren't bad .

I cracked a smile

She was enjoying her lunch
All alone

And I was staring at her
All alone
And it was my daily routine

Her hair was so perfect
And her big blue eyes
With a pink lips
And rosy cheeks
And her voice was a sweet sound of breeze
During spring

She stood up
Ready to leave

I stood up
Wasn't ready to let her go

Braved myself to approach her

But then I rooted on the ground
Afraid of the fact that I might be losing her from my eyes
For forever

Hey guys,you said that I could get any girls that I wanted
But now .
It was vice versa
I wanted her badly,but I was only a stranger to her

A stranger
Who had fallen for his ex-girlfriend

She couldn't remember me
As she woke up one day in a ward
With amnesia

I drove too fast
And wanted her to get lost from my sight
And the sound of crashing cars was too loud
Then I saw her in a pool of blood
Lying helplessly beside me

Now .
I just .
Missed her .
So much I could barely holding on

I knew it was worthless to cry over a spilt milk
But could I cry over a spilt saliva ?


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