Short Story

"Let's break up,Hinata,"

My eyes almost protruded from their sockets
I heard the sound of my own heart breaking
Was this the end of everything ?

"But,..but..Ren,what did I do wrong ?"

Tears gushed from my cheeks

My love story would never be ended in a proper way
Would never

Had I got no fortune in making love,hadn't I ?


"Stop crying,will you ?!"

"But Ryo it is painful ! I love him so much !"

I could hear him heaving a heavy sigh

"You should forget him,Hinata..he's not good enough for you,dear baby,"

"Don't call me baby you fool!"

He smiled at me
And patted my head

"Okay,I'll help you.."

At last,it seemed like there's a shining star at the end of this tunnel of my life
Ryo was indeed a nice guy !

"Thanks Ryo !"

I hugged him tight

"Don't hug me you fool!"
"People will misunderstand us!"

Ryo was my best friend
Since we were babies

We grew up together
But in a different atmosphere
Because,as he grew up,he turned out to be a very handsome man
But Hinata (myself) ?
I was nothing .

Ryo got lots of fans
But Hinata (again,me myself) ?

"You should be honest to your own feelings,"
"Don't you ever hesitate to tell him,what do you feel about him,Hinata,"
"Tell him,you'll change and be his good girl,okay ?"

I nodded with a wide smile

"Wish me luck,Ryo !"

He sent me away
With a high hope on me
To fix everything

"But,I promise I will be who you want me to be!"

I saw flames in his eyes
Was he mad at me ?
But I had tried my best to convince him !

"It's no use Hinata!I just hate you so much!"
"I have another girl that I like!"
"And she is prettier than you!"
"You are nothing,Hinata.."
"Compare to her,"
"You're too childish but she is like an angel,"
"Who is smarter than you and professional,"
"Your laugh is like a little kid and I hate it !!"
"But she's got the sweetest laugh and voice ever !!"

Those were the meanest words ever
But still,I was amused by his voice
And the way he talked to me
Even they were harsh words

Was paralyzed by my own feelings towards him

I couldn't bear it anymore
All I wanted to do was crying,in Ryo's arms

"For making me realize the truth.,"

As I wanted to say more,
A voice had stopped me

"You're such a fool,Ren,"

It was Ryo

"You know,this girl named Hinata was so naive,"
"You were the one who asked for her first,even though she didn't know you before,"
"But she was willing to accept you,as you looked like a forever alone guy !"
"Then maybe she was drowned by your words and the way you treated her,"

"But then,"
"When you've found another girl whom you say is better than her,"
"You sommer leave,Ren.."
"You hit her hard and then you leave her,"

Ryo ran towards him and punched him in his face
I was surprised

"That's for not knowing how to cherish a girl like Hinata !"

Ren walked away

I looked at Ryo
With tears in my eyes

He opened his arms

"You can run to me Hinata,"

As I ran to him I could feel a knife was stabbing my chest
I fell into his arms and wailed

My shoulders heaved with a cry of despair

I felt a few drops of tears fell down onto my hair
It was Ryo

"I'm so sorry,Hinata.."
"For letting Ren hurt you with his words,"
"I'm just.,so sorry !"

I beamed a smile in tears

"I would never be good enough in making love story,right ?"

Ryo shook his head

"You will be an expert,"
"If the hero is someone called Ryo,"


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