Short Story

I was a perfect casanova back then
Then I fell in love with a girl,she's my wife now
Weird, huh ?
A playboy could fall in love and get married
But,never mind
This one perfect girl was a great house wife ever

I was so glad to have her
And now
It had been 12 years,since the last time we were strangers


I knew
There were girls who wanted my attention badly nowadays
Even though I was 36 years old now
Well,I still got the look

And I knew,
She was jealous
She would always be,as I was her husband,wasn't I ?

And sometimes,it was hard for her to believe in me

"Just tell me who is she.."

"Look,she's nobody..honey,"

"Don't call me,honey !"

It was stressful

She didn't have the confidence !
The confidence of being my wife !
She could easily trust those,horrible girls
Telling her that I had secret affairs with them
Wait,whatt ?

"If you don't love me anymore,.tsk..tsk,"

I sighed
Women were complicated

"No,no honey,"
"Listen to me,she is lying ! I don't even know her !"

"Prove me wrong,playboy !"

"It was my past!Oh no..,"

She started to playback those mistakes I had done
And she would cry her eyes out
Ugh I wasn't good at coaxing women !
Although she was my wife !

Then she would go to her parents house
I would sleep alone in the bed,as we had no child

Today was her birthday
And I was very sure that she thought her husband didn't remember this wonderful date

I was . Kind of busy with my work
And she was also busy with her online business

But,I had set a big surprise for her !
It had been a long time,since the ..
I had never done any surprise for her

Was it,that bad ?

"I won't coming home for dinner tonight,okay babe ?"

"Hmm okay,"

I knew it
She was sad
And felt terrible,for having a husband like me
Who didn't remember her birthday
And left her eating alone

But I wasn't that bad
I was going to make her surprise tonight !

As she sat on the couch
While holding a plate of spaghetti,

"Oh man!He did pay the electric bill!!"

I giggled

"Allah!Let me go!!"

I closed her eyes
And hugged her tight

Sorry baby,but this was for you,

"Happy birthday,my dear !"

The lights were on
And our friends came in from the back door while singing a birthday song for her

I saw her tears
Then,ouch !

She hit my shoulder hardly
Wow my wife was indeed a brutal one !

"This is for making me feel extra shock !"

I laughed

"Wait here,okay ?"

I grabbed my guitar
Sat on a chair,

"Babe,this song is for you,"
"Just the way you are,"

And the crowd went wild as I sang
I had a great voice,hadn't I ?

I knew it
She was touched,since this was my first time making a surprise for her
After 12 years of marriage,err hehe

"I know I was a playboy in the past,but it was my past.."
"And there is this one wondrous woman,who is very special,"
"Can make this ex-playboy's heart beat extra fast,now and forever,"
"Can make his heart melt whenever he sees her in everything she wears,"
"And he thinks that she is going to a prom in those jeans and shirts,"
"And she has been a great wife to him,since forever,"

"She is the best cook ever!"
"And trust me,no one can ever replace her in his heart!"
"Come and bring him Megan Fox,or Angelina,or Taylor Swift,"
"Or anyone !"
"Still,she's the one,"

Tears gushed from her rosy cheeks

"Even when she cries,he could be captivated by her,"
"You are my wife,and inshaAllah will be my wife for forever!"
"In this world,and I pray to Allah,in the Hereafter too,"
"Trust me,you are my one and only,"
"Don't doubt it!"
"You have to trust me,and believe in me,not those girls.."
"And I,too,have to believe in you,"

Who said a playboy couldn't change ?


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