Well Hey


It has been a long time
Since the last time I heard about you

So,how are you now ?
Are you doing fine with your life ?
I hope you are

You know,
Sometimes I want to reach you
And at some other points,I want you to know
You're still here,in me
I don't want to erase those tracks and footsteps
Just let them stay there,so that in the future,
I won't forget
That you had been there,in my life
That you were someone back then,in my life

It is sad though,
To realize the truth,that I'm no longer somebody
In your life
Well,I know it's not important
But at least,I'm your friend

You were the one who told me that I was your friend
I could tell you whatever I wanted to tell
Who was the person that I liked,said it straight at your fake face

There are some other time
Where I would sit down,and play back those memories


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