Well ya know


I'm trying my best to get rid of you
But sometimes you just come in
Without a single warning
Like the blowing wind and dust
My other half just likes it
And the other half hates it

You have given me lots to remember
Even though the time is short
But you were talkative,you know

And you have given me some to cry my eyes out
I know it's not your fault

But I guess it's hard for us to find the good in goodbyes
'Cause I don't own yah
I don't own it

And everytime I want you to come back
However I know it is way too inappropriate
And wrong

And last night you came,
I didn't have the rapid beats of heart
But . I was feeling kind of glad

Thanks for being a nice friend of mine
I really appreciate those kind words and meaningful pictures
And you're also lookin good in everything
Just be nice


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