Short Story

A famous singer
I admitted that she was a beauty
But sadly,
People used it wrongly

I meant ,
Guys .
They just didn't know how to appreciate her
Built her up,and broke her just like a piece of wood

My name's Ren
Lucas Renford
And I was her backup singer
Since the first time she set her foot on the stage

We both were good
Were so good

"I just want Ren to be my backup singer,"
"If there's no Ren,there's no Reina!"

I was touched by those words
Since then,I promised to myself,
To stay with her
Even though I was her backup,only

"I hate him!I was fooled by him!Uwaaa!"

I tried to soothe her

"It's okay Reina,you'll find another guy,"
"Who is much better than him,okay ?"

She lifted up her head
Our eyes met

Argh my heart was throbbing like crazy
Stay cool Ren !

"Thanks backup singer,"

She beamed me a sweet smile of hers
Felt like I was floating in the air

As I'd guessed
She could move on from that guy
Shone brighter than always
Like a diamond

I was never her choice of men

She was falling in love with those yada-yada guys
Like , crazy .
And they broke her easily
While I was waiting for her,like crazy !

She cried again
As always,I lent her my shoulder

"Where..where..are those nice guys,, this world ?!!"

She asked herself
Beside my ear


She looked at me

"You've got one in front of you,"

I smiled

"Jump,then fall into me,"

Taylor Swift - Jump Then Fall


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