Pft 3#


I'm the type of person who couldn't let go easily
Who would cry over a kitten,which I didn't even get the chance to take a good care of it
Who would asked her friends,whether they loved her or not

You're important
And that's why I keep all of those alphabets of yours in it

And sometimes I just like to look into you
To every single thing of you
Because I like to have everything about you in my pockets
I like to write about 'em I just don't know why

It's okay
Don't be panicked
I'm not a stalker . Umph maybe not

It's okay
Don't be rushed in making decisions,
You don't have to pack your things and walk out of this train of life
Just stay . And live,just like what you've always done

It's okay
When the times come
I would tell the wind and dusts to take you away from me


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