Pft 6#


I'm not feeling so good now
But nvm I just want to write

I knew I was lying
When I said I could move on
And get rid of you
And didn't want to write about you no more

But I guess
This pft session for you,would just keep on going
Maybe .
Just maybe

This is redundant
But you're the worst distraction ever
You know,I told her everything about you
I know it was a big waste
And then it turned out to be like that
I was good,man .
It was something,I've never experienced in my whole life

The sound of my heart breaking
Like crashing cars over your head
Was an amusing rhythm,
I've never heard before

Then I was a fool for crying
It was okay hahahaha

If you know this,
I would like to say ; thank you

For those nights you didn't wear your blue outfit
I didn't know why but,it made my day
And sorry for being so selfish

For those nice words and pictures
And motivations
You're such a nice friend my mate :)

For your thanks
And jokes
Even though I didn't feel like laughing

For giving me such a hard time haha
Seriously,you give me an experience,
That maybe I could never forget
And you're the first one

Hey Zeeq,
If you ever happen to know these pfts posts are just for you
Relax .
I am not mad or nuts 

It's just
You know

Keep on moving
And remember Allah is our priority 
This life,is just for Him

Saying is easy,
But we need to work hard,don't we ?


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