Pft 9#


It's like you're chasing something that doesn't want to be chased
Running in a circle,ain't got no aim
You will get tired,but your sweats ain't worth a thing

I never want to chase anything,neither you
But it seems like I never want to let you go
I never want to leave you behind,and in the past

I'm so sorry
For intruding your beautiful life
For forcing you to accept me,
For making you feel tired
And lifeless .
I'm so sorry

But fighting the me inside
Fighting my feelings for you
Fighting the urge to make you acknowledge me
To make me feel like I can be a part of you
To make me feel like you .
Have an intention , to ask me to keep you

Ignorance is a bliss,but not really .
But you can ignore me
Now or never


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