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Pft 13#


You really have no idea

About that one scene ;knowing the 'truth' at that one night,
How the heartbreak was .

My heart broke into pieces
It was the most painful heartbreak ever

I knew I should have not count on you in the first place
I knew I'd placed my hope up high on a wrong person .
Nahh .
I don't even know whether it's wrong or right .

But anyone or anything would break us .
But Allah won't .

He will never disappoint us .

You really have no idea

How the heartbreak was .

Those words of yours might not affect you ,
But they did affect my whole feelings .

You really have no idea

Now it tastes bitter,
But still .

You're the worst distraction



Igauan ngeri bagi aku . Setiap kali aku termimpikan kalian .
Kerana setiap kali aku berlayar dalam tidurku bersama-sama kalian,setiap kali itulah aku perlu bangkit,menghadapi realiti yang begitu menyakitkan ; realiti di mana kalian,sudah jauh dari aku .

Kalian .
Yang begitu bermakna .

Cakaplah bila nak ada reunion ?
Tapi pastikan kita semua cuti waktu itu .
Mungkin aku hanya diam .
Namun rindu yang membakar dalam hati ini semakin masa semakin menyakitkan .

Aku ..
Rindu kalian :'(

Short Story

I missed your glares and stares

The way you had your eyes when you're lookin' at me
The way you smiled when you caught my attention

You used to love me so dear
And never want to give up on me

But now that you're gone,
Tell me how to cure this everlasting pain ?

Taylor Swift - Last Kiss

Pft 12#


It has been a long time
Well hi ?
How are you ?

You're going to be busy
And I've been busy

But one day I felt nothing
And every single day I know this is redundant

But sometimes I can't help it

Hai ?


I know I'm not in your shoes right now
But it does hurt,
When someone we love is going to leave
Or has left
Or sommer left ?


It's okay

Ask Allah to take care of our ukhwah
Till Jannah
Okay ?

Surely we're going to miss you babe

Hai 4#


Ini yang terbaru buat kau .
Wahai kesayangan aku .
Wahai kesayangan semua .
Wahai hambaNya yang disayangi dan dicintai

Terima kasih kerana telah mengajar aku erti rindu
Rindu apabila ruangan yang patut kau isi kini menjadi kosong
Apabila figura yang sentiasa aku cari dan bisa ku temui kini sungguh sukar,
Walau untuk mendengar suaranya .
Rindu . yang mencengkam segenap sanubari yang aku miliki
Begitu perit,sakit sungguh menahan sedu-sedan esakan sendiri

Terima kasih kerana telah mengajar aku erti menghargai
Walau sedikit terlambat,serasa aku teramat menghargai setiap detik aku,
Bersama-sama kau sewaktu dulu .
Melewati setiap waktu kritikal,lapang,dan sederhana .
Setiap masa kita bercerita dan bersenda-gurau
Setiap tawa kau yang cukup menggembirakan aku dan semua
Setiap tangisan yang kita curahkan,yang kau aku saksikan

Terima kasih kerana telah mengajar aku erti persahabatan
Kaulah sahabat aku dunia akhirat
Sahabat yang begitu aku sayangi dan hargai . yang tiada ternilai…



It's hard for me to tell you the truth
I'd rather sketch something so complex and unfathomable
So people wouldn't notice it .
That I .
Actually .
Do feel something .

I just live a normal life,as usual
Things are changing a bit lately
People who surround me are the ones I barely know
And I know . I need to get closer to them

I would always drift to the past
Because that's the only way I could see the ones I love the most
The one . That has been pulling me to the gravity

I know each and everyone of us will have a new start inshaAllah
And today,you're starting a new journey .
You will be surrounded by a brand new ambience
Without asking your heart,you need to adapt yourself in everything .
Everything,that is it .

I'm telling you don't be so sure of your feelings,
They may change .
Don't let yourself to stick to the one,yet .
You may change .

And I,
May also change

Good luck ;)



Those memories won't die
If Allah wills it to last forever

You will always be a part of me
And I will always yearn for you

Sometimes I just miss you so much
But I'm sorry,
I do nothing to resolve this complication in my chest
It hurts,but then it heals

I will always like to make you laugh
Because your laughter will always tickle everyone's abdomen so bad

I can't wait to see you soon


Come home to me  Come home to me Back into my arms ; home where you belong
Come home to me Come home to me If home is where you are,then home is too far away
All my life,I've dreamed of love Never thought it would hurt this much  To kiss goodbye and wait for your return
So I'd be strong, And hold on to  The picture and the thought of you, Getting all the love that you deserve .
Come home to me Come home to me