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Tell Me


Hey, how does it feel like,
When your name is everywhere in someone's page ?

Hey, how does it feel like,
When your face is glued on someone's mind,
And seems like it can never be brushed away

Hey, how does it feel like,
When your back is being stared by someone from afar ?

It does sound a lil bit creepy.

Hey, how does it feel like,
When someone writes about you a lot ?

Hey, how does it feel like,
To be someone else's muse ?

Tell me.

Is the name I gave you nice?
Do you like it?



Know that we will lose everything if this Dunya is our main goal,
Not akhirah.

Know that we will have nothing to lose if akhirah is what we live for,
Mardhatillah is our main goal,
And because of Allah we strive hard in everything and anything.

Talk is cheap man how many times have I told you this?
I know to do is hard.


"Believe that the ability is in Allah's hands,
Not ours,
Just try our best, and let Allah do the rest.

Let Allah handle everything for us,"



Sorry if I've made you feel like you're not important to me,
I didn't mean it, honestly.

Hearing your voice is something that I would always love to do,
I feel glad and honoured when I can be the one whom you need,
To tell stories
To pour your heart out.

Sometimes I am forgetful,
And sometimes people would always forget me too,
But know this,

I just love you, the way you are and the way we are,
And I hope everything will be because of Him.

Second Sem


"Hills like White Elephants" is something new.

It's so simple, yet has meaningful messages.

I like the idea about that American man,
Who didn't have name in the story,

Because he's not worthy of a name.

The one who would get killed by that 'simple operation' was Jig,
And that American man got nothing to lose.

Really ?



You tend to take everything for granted,
Including the ones you love.

You tend to overlook everything.
Including the arts of the ones you love.

Everything is drifted apart,
You've come only to realize,
Now you're on your own.

"Bintang malam setia, seperti dirimu,"

"Dan kumasih terasa, degupan jantungmu,"

The touch and warmth of it,
Now you've lost everything.

"Ku rapuh,"

"Hadirmu semua indah,"

Everything was beautiful,
But you never noticed it.

- Rapuh, Nastia 



Your smile has always been one of my favourite things in this life.
And the way you laugh, aww it's adorable.

I would always want to catch up with you,
Whenever and wherever I could,

You are a part of me,
And the me who lives in you,
Will always want to love you inshaallah,
And will always want to be loved,
By you .

It's Okay 3#


With the Febreeze in the room,
The good scent it brought in,
Your sayings to her lingered on my mind,

And now I remember those books in the locker,
Back in the class,
They seemed abnormal one day,
Were arranged properly, and I wasn't the one who did it,
Again, your sayings to her lingered on my mind,

The man with a white mask on his face,
Fake broad smile was plastered on the face,
You seemed to like it.

Just like that,

You left everything hanging,

But I've already known which direction should they take.

Relax, this is the best and alhamdulillah.
But I can't really get it,
It took you only a few seconds to move on.

At least you could tell me what's wrong?

I think I have two goats,
But now I can see only one.