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When I'm with you,
The food tastes better,
The time ticks faster,
And my blood pressure gets higher,

As my heart beats wildly,
While its pieces are scattered everywhere,
Broken, completely.




Alhamdulillah, hari dan saat yang dinantikan,
Akhirnya tiba dengan deru nafas laju - keletihan,
Tapi seronok aku kerana,
Figura kau dan senyuman emas itu tiba.

Kau tiba jua,
Gembira aku bercampur sedih,
Kerana ketibaan kau akan ku nantikan sentiasa,
Walau hanya bayangan.

April, malam 

Terketar aku mengatur langkah,
Pernah aku bayangkan ketibaan kau,
Namun bagi aku setelah segalanya - remuk,
Mustahil sudah untuk kau tiba lagi, elok duduknya di atas kerusi bulat itu,

Ah, malam itu kaget lagi aku dibuatnya,
Remuknya semakin dalam,
Kata puitis ; ah luka lama berdarah kembali,

Kau tiba.

Dan seperti dulu kau atur keberangkatan kau dengan penuh selamba,
Lirik mata aku tiada ekornya,
Namun rasa hati tidak pernah henti mengekori,

Ah sudah.



For a minute, I was fine as I thought,
You'd be there for me whenever I needed you.

But it turned out to be,

But everyone has their own things in the pockets,
Including you.

And I tried to make myself understand.

I was in mess whenever you gave me blue ticks on WhatsApp,
They made me think that you hated me.
Or annoyed by me.

The idea of you, hating me,
Would always be my nightmare.

Because I grew to love you,
Even though in the past you were anything but something in me.

I tried to search for someone that I could lean on to,
But some days I would be disappointed.

It is true that,

Anything in this worldly life can never satisfy us,
Except for,

He is the One who created you and me,
For sure only He does know whatever you and me need.
Whatever our hearts truly need.



It is funny,
To think that,
The Snapchat now is all empty.
Meaningless is not the right word, the filters sometimes are nice.
Yeah, nice.

It is funny,
To remember now,
The Snapchat was only meant to record funny videos,
And playing with those filters,
But when you came in,
It had turned into, my second blog?

It is funny,
When those memories rushed into my mind,
I would see me waiting for the Wifi to be connected to my phone,
So that I wouldn't have to waste my data,
Just to see your stories.

Some of the stories were not good.
They were bad for me and my heart.

Some of them had nothing to do with me.

But now I remember your colourful socks,
And that yellow balloon saying good night,
That yellow flower singing a song,


I sure remember a lot, don't I?

Ah baik hafal titas dan hubungan etnik,
Takpun History of English.

Jangan salah faham.
Kadang aku suka tulis semua ni.


5 Centimeters Per Second


Another. Depressing. Anime.
Haha. Nahhh.


The ending is so sad, and I can barely accept it.

But yeah,
It's the reality.
Not every story has a happy ending.
In fact, lots of stories don't have happy endings.

I like the way how Takaki still remembers Akari,
He doesn't seem like he wants to forget her,
But at the end, he just has to.

Yeah, it hurts, but like the passing train, life moves on.



Never thought you could be the first to leave,
Those days were quite hard for me,
But then I understood.

I hope you're getting better.

I hope you will be doing just fine there.

I hope you will never forget me and the others.

Missing you is another hurtful thing that I never want to do.
But then, you are another lovable and favourite creature on this Earth,
Is, totally. Precious.

Ya Rabbi



Two hands were partially up in the air at one night,
You didn't want to look at my face,

What I felt was beyond hurt,

Later on, I was left with no sense or any feelings.
For you.

Everything was changed.
You told me you could feel it; the ambience around us was different.

Well, I didn't know.
Yeah, you made it change, that was what I thought.

"Everything will never be the same no more,"

But if it is you,
I can never run away.

But if it is you,
I can never ignore.

Because it is you,
I will always love.

I miss you.