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To me


You, to me,
Was something else,
Among the stars I'd seen, you appeared the nearest,
And the most shining one,
But the type wasn't what I used to chase,

You, to me,
Was mesmerising,
Watching you from afar could blind me enough,
Everything that was you, to me,
Possessed an indescribable beauty,

I wanted to see more,
I wanted to know more,
I wanted,

To be noticed.

- Hotaru

Two Spaces


Don't you remember?

You said it was a loss if anyone didn't get to know me,
You said everything that made me smile,
When I was down and thinking that those were dark clouds,

You said I was good with words,
But little did you know,
You were the one who shook me with words,

I told you so much about me and the inner me,
Little did you know,
You got a special spot in this world of mine,

I was happy to listen to you,
And I would want to hear more from you,




You were the one who made me feel alive once again,
I mean, alive, in this big society.

You were the one who showed me someone needed me here,
Here, when all I felt was bitter.

So I wanna thank you.
Thank you.




You were once my favourite.
The muse of the words,
The muse of the pain,
The muse that was useless.

You were once my favourite,
The steps you took,
The laughs you screamed,
The looks you showed,
Everything that was you.

You were once my favourite,
And now I'm grateful as your figure is slowly fading away,
Like the shadow of yours, vanishing, as you got into those cars,

Every farewell I tried to bid,
Would always bring you back,

But this time.
Would send you back to where you were before,

When we were young,
And you meant nothing.



Seeing you from this distance,
Glad to know that you're happy,
Glad to know that I'm no longer your first choice,
You already got a team that inshaallah will always back you up.

Being a lone ranger sucks,
I thought it was the best choice I ever made,
But then it slowly killed everything in me,

Crying alone was never my forte,
But then it seems like that is the only choice that I have,
Letting everything go, just for a while,
They will come back to you,

They told me they would care,
But sometimes when I needed them, they didn't show up,
Sometimes when I needed them to show me I was something,
They put me in the last row,

They apologised,
And human beings make mistakes, including me,
I told them it's okay I am already used to it.

I did the same thing too
But I couldn't help myself not feeling anything,
It stung my heart.

Memories that don't fade away make me think that they will always stay the same,
Just like how I want them to be,
But I forgot t…

You 2#


I never thought that the distance between us would once become shorter.

But hey, this is for you.

It was hard for me to open up to you,
I never thought of any ways for me to act around you,
Work was work, and it has always been like that,
But you seemed hurt if I acted the way I wanted to,
Around you.

Your words, they were sweet and dangerous.
I didn't think about them, but I knew you were pulling these legs of mine.

But I did hear every sugar-coated word of yours,
And sometimes I did smile,
You were funny.

It was fun to know you,
And I did feel a bit sad when everything has ended this fast but,




There's a lot in my head,
I kept missing the ones who were there,
Then your face popped out in my mind,

I've always liked to look at you,
And I've always loved the way you smile at me,
I've always liked to hear your laugh,
And I've always wanted you to be happy,

Seeing you cry made me feel down,
I couldn't do anything to clear the dark ambience around you,
But I wanted you to let go of everything,
So that you would feel,

The times we spent in that Seremban School,
I wouldn't say I want to go back to the place,
I remember the pain I felt in my chest,
I remember the feel of missing something that's far away,
It was painful.
Those times were the good ones,
And they made me realise that,

You're so important to me.
So dear to me.

May Allah ease everything for you,
And believe in Him,
For only He does know what's best for all of us