So I've been staying at home for days.

Alhamdulillah, I was given a golden chance to sail through Ramadan,
But sadly, I didn't use all the barakah moments given wisely :(

Sadly, I knew something new that's amazing about Ramadan,
But I underwent zero change.

Then Aidilfitri came :')
Alhamdulillah, I was given chance to celebrate it once again with a complete family.
That one big lad is here lulz.

I watched Koe no Katachi and Parasyte The Maxim.

I like the idea of how animes,
Fictional characters, could come alive.
How fictional stories, most of them are illogical,
Could affect me so much.

But I believe it isn't just me.

Like Koe no Katachi.
How the meanest person could change, but some are still being judgemental after knowing his pasts.

Ishida was trying his best to make up to Nishimiya, after what he had done to her in the past.
Ishida was also hurt,
But he admitted his mistakes. He knew he was at fault.
He accepted it. He tried to fix everything.

People can change.
It's said that the person with the worst past can be the best in future.
If he changes.

Don't be too prejudice, don't simply guess.
How can we know what's in somebody's heart?
Only Allah does know, for sure.

Ah, I like the part when Nishimiya cried out loud!

It's just so sad T_T

And Parasyte The Maxim.

I think it's amazing that messages are being sent through animes.

Mankind has done lots of damages to the Earth.
Parasites decide to replace them in order to fix everything lulz.

It's not just a simple anime.

It has ibrahs if we know how to look at it properly.

Ah, I'm being emotional now that it has ended huhu.

I miss Migi and Izumi :'( pebenda do aku ni haha 

Okay, that's all for my so-called animes review ahah!


aaahh sedihnyaaaaa


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