Deep Down


How I wish I could tell you that I love you,
Despite the distance between us since years ago.

How I wish I could fly to you,
And talk to you without feeling awkward,
You're just a few miles away from me.

I could do it, but I'm too afraid.
Guess that the ambience around us will be enough,
To hurt me inside out.

I don't know whether the thing between us will be the same or not,
If we happen to meet again and try to act natural.
Oh, I don't know about you, but I guess I need to act natural.

I need to.

You meant the world to me.
You were everything to me.
You were so dear to me.

You were the apple of my eyes, yeah I know it sounds cliche.

I had always loved you.
You were my favourite person.

I still remember how I felt back then,
When you were out of school for a camp,
It felt so empty and all I got was the bear you gave to me.

That evening you came and it surprised me.
Tears welling up my eyes as I hugged you.

I never knew I could love someone to that extent.


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