Running Away


Something came up to my mind,
Well, I actually thought of you, quite a lot these few days.

Yeah, it wasn't good.

It might be, because you were being all nice. 
And supportive, might be?

I didn't want you to think you were worthless,
You asked me why,
I gave you nothing to explain it.

Yeah, there was no particular reason to it.

I just wanted you to know,
You're great.

Because in my eyes, you are. 
You are すごい.

This mini Shakespeare you said,
Was also stiffened.
I tried my best to arrange my words.

I tried to make you feel better.
I tried to convince you, that you're everything but nothing.

Talking to you was something, rare. 
And sometimes I would be waiting. 

But no, it can never be good, you know.

 Today it feels like you're, kind of,
Avoiding me?

Running away, really?


It's, good. 

But, it's sad to think that,
I might actually.

A nuisance in that world of yours.


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