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Sepintas Lalu


I told myself this time there's no turning back,
Sometimes I was so sure of myself,
Overwhelmed with emotions, I convinced myself that I was confident.
I was totally, sure of myself.
That I would not turn back, staring at the past.
Just peeking for a while, then continued walking at my own pace.

I thought you also did the same.
You had always told yourself to never turn back.
But sometimes you weren't so sure of yourself.
Because you did turn back but what you did leave you broken,
You made your stand again but I thought you would end up doing the same mistake,
But you never did this time.

You told yourself to walk at your own pace.
We did the same, but our own speed was nothing alike.
You moved faster than I thought you could ever do.

Now I'm trying to catch up with you.
But not wanting to see you at the finishing line.



Talking has always been cheap,
So does writing.

But somehow through writing, I hope for you to feel better.

You told me you're in darkness,
The lightless moment was sucking you into it,
You couldn't escape.

I knew we were in two different worlds.
You with your shoes, and me with my slippers.

The lightless square that surrounded you,
Was shining brightly in my eyes.
I was amused by everything you thought you screwed it up.

You have done your best.
One week had gone, open your eyes and believe in yourself.
Don't let the past burned you down. You're more,
You have more.
And you could do more.
Give yourself another chance.

I felt hurt and feeling a bit sad,
Not because you couldn't get up on the stage.
But simply because you had already given up.

You're more than this. You have more and you could do more.
You could do better.

We believe in you.
Don't tell us to find another star,
When we already have the one that shines the most.

To Paan and Uwa…

Knowing You


Knowing her,
I knew she couldn't skip a meal,
I knew she liked to sing
I knew she was one brilliant girl,
Some days I hoped I would really know her,
Inside out.

Knowing them,
I knew we would burgers at night in front an anime series or movie,
But some were trying hard to stay fit,
I knew we would travel to that one place that held a manga fiesta,
But most of us were trying hard to save,
Some days I hoped I would really know us.
Inside out.

Knowing you,
I couldn't describe a thing.
One day made me realise that,
I never knew a thing about you,
Inside out.

And you did never want to let me know.



That day I thought you were going to be the future,
But now you're just another history as I flicked through the pages.
The milk and coffee stains were visible,
It was both bitter and sour as I tasted it with fingerprints.

You lived through the days I thought the world kept you no more.
You lived through the nights I thought the moon shone you no more.
You lived,
Through the times we had lost, through the moments we had overlooked,
Through that one second. I knew you were gone.

Now everything is basic.
With you gone, the abnormal wave had also went away.

But the details stay. So does the name.
We, stay. In our old places.

You 2#


She reminds me of you.

It may be because of her looks.
She got that pretty eyes, just like yours.
Her fair skin shines bright in the light, just like yours.

Suddenly, everything that she owns makes me miss you.

It's okay.
Don't feel guilty.

Whatever that has happened between us,
I don't overtake it. But it was once painful and my heart shattered.
For that, you never have to say sorry.

Whatever has happened between us,
I don't really want to think about it. But it was once so contagious and I would end up always filling my mind with it.
For that, you never have to say sorry.

Whatever you thought you have done wrong and it has hurt me so bad,
Yeah, it does hurt. But you're not the one to be blamed.

The time you held my arm tight,
I hoped I had your trust in the palm of my hand.
The time you sat next to me and smiled sincerely,
I hoped I had your attention that would last longer.

The time you looked at me and told me everything would be okay,
It felt l…



"I really want you to know that you're good enough,"


"... I don't know. I just feel like, I want you to know,"

Yesterdays I thought I had the answers.

I want you to believe in yourself. I want you to believe in whatever you are.
I want you to know that you're good enough, the way you are.

Because you, being you, is what I like the most.
You, looking the way you are, is what I like the most.

You, just the way you are.

When you said you were nothing,
Little did you know you meant most of the things that I favored.
When you said no one had eyes on you,
Little did you know you were the breathtaking view that I never wanted to take my eyes off of.
When you said you were a piece of crumpled paper,
Then I would iron you over and over again.

- Honma Meiko

From, Me


I would be there for you if you need me.
Just like that night, you can come to me if you want.
You can scream at the top of your lungs and see me run away to hide,
If in case people think it's a crazy attempt to release whatever that is in you.

I would try to talk if you want me to.
But most of the times I got nothing good to say.
Once again, I'm not in your shoes, yet, maybe.
But know that I would try to make you feel good.

Find me whenever you feel like you need to.
And leave me whenever you feel like you want to.

It's okay. Being there and there for you whenever you're in need,
Is more than enough.

At least I know,
That you would be needing of me sometimes.

Come back whenever you think of me.
I'm not lonely, for sure.