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One Name


I knew that you were broken
I couldn't control myself
Yet I didn't expect you to be weak

The hands were yours
Stopping me from falling hard

I cried because I hated you so much
What was wrong with you I didn't know
But you cared about me and were so innocent

I was seen in red
But I couldn't let it go
I didn't want to see your face and my ego was high
High and risky

I also had an alter ego
When 'I don't know who you are' came and showed your poker face
We had a trouble and I couldn't clean up the mess that I'd made
And you didn't know that the red larva was burning me well

I didn't want to loose you
But you made me wanted it
Your disposition was bad for me
But there were your hands at my back

I love you

I don't know


Kau tahu
Aku rasa macam nak luah segala-galanya
Tapi aku tak mahu luka kau berdarah lagi

Dengki ?
Hmm Astagfirullahalazim
Perasaan itu memang ada
Sampai aku terfikir
Aku ni tak bermakna lagi

Dan pada saat itu
Baru aku terfikir lagi

"Aku bukan sesiapa.."

Mungkin kau tak berniat
Ya aku yakin tidak
Tapi hati yang terasa
Dicampur dengan hasutan
Husnuzon sudah tiada kemunculan
Kerana disekat




I used to create some adventures with them
Building a raft
Soaring on a rainbow
24 colors were ruining our eyes
They were so beauteous

A disposition had made my day
But never mind
As long as you were there for me

Time has taken you away
We are apart
But I keep you in my heart and my mind
Imagination didn't eat you
But has brought me to you late at night
I could see your face and your teeth
Shining bright

I miss you
Old friends

The face formed in my retina was a same face of yours
Didn't change
But I was worried
I couldn't read your soliloquy
A smile could hide everything
Everyone could give me lies

Don't keep it in yourself
Just let it go
I could take it

Afraid of losing you
I don't want you to hate me
Even in your dreams
Even in our dreams



When we first met
Both of my cheeks were feelin' hot
I had nothing to say
Just a smile could show I was there

You were understanding
We shared a lot of things
You knew lots about my feelings
And I knew you well too

All praises to Allah

We had talked about this
I had counted my scars
And you got pearls in your mouth

You had taught me many things
You made me survive with your words

When I've grown up
I can't see the same path again
For me everything has changed
I can't even get a bullock cart to chase you

You have gone
Without a single note

Can't you see it ?
Or feel it ?
The space between us is getting bigger and bigger
I have no idea
Where was I when the rockets came to life
And carried you away
Into the alligator sky ?

"Ana uhibbuki fillah abadan abada"

And I won't forget it

We are here
With the same starter


"Come back here after an hour ! You hear that !"

I continued walking
Pretended to be busy
Holding some money
I had so many places to go

Even my roommate asked me to just go to Jelly Market
But,why should I care ?

Dandellion was big

An hour had left me
My legs weren't at Jelly Market yet
I stopped at a shop
Hmm .
Seemed like a
Reject Shop ?

"Oh hey !"

I was shocked
Met my husband,Rayyan

"Suzanne told me that you were going to ... a market but ?"

I said nothing
I didn't like to see him and
I had bumped into him
I had big pillows beside my ears
I was going to sleep

"Hey,are you hearing me?"

He stopped
I nodded

"I know you aren't,so meet me at my house,after 9 pm.."

He hugged me and gave me a kiss on my forehead
I was like .
Never mind

I went to Jelly Market and grabbed the things that Suzanne wanted
Then I went home

"Thank you,and ... I think you should go upstairs and rest.."

I was going to do the same thing
I knew that …



White skin
Beautiful eyes
Tall one

He walked alone .
Hands in pockets
His silhouette was looking amazing
Even it didn't have face

Saw beautiful gas
Coming out of his mouth
When he was talking

That night was cold
I could see his hands
Just a few inches more
Mine and his

We went to a cafe
He asked for a hot cappuccino
I was staring at him
Until I dropped a cup of tea
He laughed
While helping me cleaning the mess
He was in red when he laughed
I smiled
Enough for me to show everything

I couldn't get the real topic
Because I was too busy staring at him

He was
So beautiful

"Aisyah? Aisyah? Are you there?"

I was a little bit panicked
Then I saw his smile

"Where were you just now?"
"I was .. at ..... "

He smiled and took my right hand


I was ..

"Hey,come here.."

He took me away with him
His beady eyes were exploring my whole pale face

"It was,..enchanted to meet you Uwais.."
"Aisyah,you could …