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I don't know about other people
But I'm so sorry
I just like to write
Write everything that I want to
And writing is my getaway
To express my true feelings
And my writings aren't that private
It's okay
You can read 'em

That's why I have this blog
Maybe writing is my passion
After reading comics and novels

I don't know about you
But I like to write
And I hate colouring
Because I know I will never be good at it

I don't know about her
But I like to draw my feelings on a paper or a screen

They think I'm an iceberg
Try to break me with their jokes or whatsoever
You can't expect me to reveal my feelings through words or songs
Maybe I won't know how to do it

Open those books and read 'em
Then you'll find me there

I just don't even know,
But this is my style

And maybe I don't want to change

Exo Next Door

She waited for him
Since morning
And the air was cold
Almost freezing her to death

While her man was having a big trouble
His friend was missing
And he had to try his best to find him
Without realizing his girl
Her messages and notes

She waited .

But then another man saw her
Without further ado,he went to her
Step by step
Not wanting her to cry
And fell hard

When her man realized
He ran towards the park
Who held no one there



Some days I tried to be in blue
But all I could say was,
I failed in every trial

Then one day,
You turned out to be in the same colour
As me
Man I was trembling
But it wasn't good for both of us
It was a bad day
Yes it was

I felt like there was a feeling of hatred towards you in my soul
Wow what a bad one
And I didn't know why
Well it might be because of . Your actions ?

But unfortunately,
Some days your magnetic force was just too strong
I couldn't fight it
And couldn't run from the daylight

I've seen you in the picture
Well,happy holiday .



Tercarik-carik rasanya
Sekeping hati kecil ini
Sakitnya bukan main
Apa yang sakit sangat entah haha

Usah risau
Aku baik-baik sahaja
Eh tak
Aku tak akan pergi ke kawasan kau
Dan sepahkan semua yang sudah tersusun rapi
Yang sudah dibersihkan
Tenang sahaja
Aku cuma patah balik
Sekejap sahaja .

Waktu aku berjalan dengan bandung di tangan
Di selekoh itu aku ternampak seraut wajah itu
Ah sudah
Pasti kau ada sama

Terus langkah seribu aku aturkan
Sampai rasa ingin termuntah bandung yang telah aku minum

Lawak .
Sampai muka kau aku tak boleh tengok

Kau gelak ya hari tu ?


That Heart Ache


I know what it feels like
When you are losing someone
Either losing them for eternity
Or for a while
Or at least you can still see them in your true eyes

I've lost someone in my life
Losing him from my grip
I did realize it
But what could I do ?
Make him stay ?
For what ?
For nothing .

He didn't ask for it
And if I asked for it
Everything would turn out to be wrong
It wasn't good for both of us
Yeah we knew

But now I'm all fine

For you le man
I don't know you so well
Well actually we haven't met even once
But I used to read all of your posts in your blog
Since I was young

Bro .
I guess you know that you,yourself,aren't so sure about this
About you and her
With her being far away from here
But you are convincing yourself that everything will be alright
I guess you are being honest with her
About your feelings
And you approach her because you want to take her as your wife
I hope this will be your true intention
Do not worry
When the time comes…


She was a boring lass. And I hated it so much. Why couldn’t she go outside and play like others?
And now I knew I just had to do something To bring colours into her dark space She had to be someone new
Felt like my eardrums were melting by the vigorous flame of her sound wave. Was she a monster or what ?
However,I didn’t give up ! I tried my best to pull her to the funair And made her ride those roller-coasters and those fancy horses Till she dropped
How did I do it ?
“Dear Dash,I challenge you to come with me to the funfair,and ride those roller coasters and Merry-Go-Round,laugh and scream loudly,..” “Surely you aren’t a coward,are you ?”
I could see flame in her eyes. I just knew it,she was the one who wouldn’t refuse any challenges
“Hah,easiest challenge ever !”
** She grabbed my arm and hold it tightly as the roller-coaster was going down to earth And then,
The loudest scream ever ! I would die of laughing out loud !
On that day, She laughed a lo…

Pemanis Rasa

Sebenarnya semua terasa kosong
Apabila aku pandang kelibat dia
Semuanya neutral
Angkat jari tanda ok saja
Aku baik-baik

Tapi bila satu tempat miliknya itu kosong
Mulalah beberapa detik kemudian aku rasa tak keruan
Mulalah meroyan
Terasa seperti semuanya bosan
Tiada corak dan warna yang heterogen
Cuma semuanya .
Terasa lain

Apabila tempat itu terisi kembali
Dengan satu jasad itu
Semuanya kembali bercorak dan berwarna

Apakah ?